Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Amerikwa : A Third World Country In All Regards

Profligate underclass with a genocidal rate of fertility infested with worms and parasites. Some of these critters, especially the virulent tapeworm, is a seriously contagious affliction and would warrant quarantine for any animal but man.

Want to hear something incredible?

One overriding observation I made in Los Angeles is that Hispanics don't wash their hands after using the restroom. It's mind-boggling but remember with an average IQ of 92 you're going to skip a lot of fine details in your personal hygiene like that.

That's not what is incredible. What is incredible is that I have noticed recently in Australia that at least half of males no longer practice even these essential traits in their own conduct, like washing your hands before returning to work. This is in supposedly technical professions, mind you.

There is one certainty we can speak of in relation to multiculturalism and diversity - it causes standards in all aspects of human existence to decline very, very rapidly. It means that shame and discipline are discarded in favor of self-expression. It means lonely isolated people who lose touch with the critical discriminating faculties their race has cultivated over the course of many centuries are turned into vulgar and base consumer units who no longer aspire to any standards at all.

"We need to begin erasing these horrific health disparities," Hotez wrote.

... and yet after centuries of failure in Mexico and many decades in Amerikwa to teach the basic elements of personal hygiene to this ethnic group, you're going to succeed, buddy? I don't think so. Been there, done that. Is this the part where we going through another whole round of micromanagement of their lives like the 1960's-1990's at the cost of trillions of dollars only to discover their children will have worse vices than their parents? They still won't wash their hands coming out the restroom, betcha. Where the heck will the money come from this time given the coming economic collapse of the United States? Oh, that's right, you can just print some more off. Like they do in South America all the time during hyperinflation episodes. Good luck with all that.

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