Saturday, December 1, 2007

Advanced Nuclear & Bio Weapons ... 1949?!?

I'm going to stop telling people they are living fifty years in the past with their delusional notions of a 14 day stay following nuclear war.

Fifty years ago, that notion was just as fantastic as it is today.

Believing that nuclear wars will not be deliberately dirty is kind of like imagining the League of Nations was going to be able to enforce their ban on warfare.

Nuclear weapons don't really start to deliver a punch until they're salted with dirty ingredients like cobalt. You might as well use conventional munitions if all you were interested in was a big explosion. Who will be able to resist tossing in the dirty stuff when World War III begins? Nobody. MAD is dead. It doesn't apply anymore.


Anonymous said...

MAD is dead because it was based on sane people being in charge of the big red buttons. Look at Bush. He is barely able to string two thoughts together.

LOL - Howard lost his seat said...

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