Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yellowstone Bulging At Unprecedented Rate

Now the truth comes out. Took'em a couple of days to phrase it in a way that it would not send people screaming into the streets with their possessions on their backs.

Turns out it is growing more rapidly than anything observed since monitoring began in 1923. They also conceded that ground imaging radar reveals a blob the size of Los Angeles is now pushing it's way up the lava tube like the head on a monster boil. Apparently that's the way it always starts, every cycle.

Whew. Supervolcano eruption followed by global extinction cycle. Whatta relief. I was worried the future was going to be really bad. This is the kind of threat that rolls off us like water off a duck's back at Vault-Co. We're so overprepared for certain kinds of contingencies that news like this comes as a tremendous comfort. Good ole' two decade supervolcano winter. We love it, that's like a vacation stay at Firehold Bravo. Better ramp up those wind generators, told you - the sun could go missing from duty for months at a time after this. Will make Krakatoa look like a girl scout bake sale.
All people of European descent come from less than 7 women ("the daughters of Eve") and a handful of men who survived this event. Nearly everybody else died with the exception of a couple of thousand Vault-Dwellers around the globe. If it came today, a similar outcome is to be expected ... or worse.
Wow, 2012 Mega Solar Maximum should be those interesting times the Chinese are always hoping you live in.


Nuclear Powered Games said...

How's your wind turbine coming along, got an update for us?

Texas Arcane said...

Working on that wind gen, more photos soon.

Makes you think about the damage that airborne silica and grit can do to a permanent motor's windings. I think it's important to hatch a plan to keep dust out of a wind generator for long operating periods outdoors.

Anonymous said...

Vertical axis wind turbine,simplest and most robust setup.
Fix at vane level 4 windrudders in the shape of an X around turbine to increase performance.