Sunday, November 11, 2007

Will Yellowstone Blow in 2012 At the Solar Maximum?

If it does, it will utterly change the planet into something almost unrecognizable.

Can you imagine if this event coincided with the collapse of La Palma? Or if the entire Ring of Fire springs into life and starts churning high altitude ash out?

This has nothing to do with the world of human events. Try to envisage all of this happening in tandem with a descent into global war. Could you conceive of an unluckier generation than ours?

UPDATE : This article is a little less ambiguous.

Basically it is these kinds of interlocking tangents all converging together that caused us to lose our minds here at Vault-Co ten years ago and start working feverishly and singlemindedly towards one goal. It isn't one thing in isolation or even a single element that particularly inflamed us. It was all of this stuff converging together at some kind of zero point in the immediate future. China rising (Taiwan), oil supply tightening, Russia resurgent, the Coming Global Superstorm and major earth changes all in the next decade? Luckily for ordinary people, they can barely grasp the significance of even one of these issues, much less integrate them all into one bigger perspective in their heads. So you'll never see them panic like us here at Vault-Co. They're like people who live right underneath a dam and never see anything to be alarmed about as little cracks mushroom all over the surface. "Yeah, but they're all just little cracks," they say.


Anonymous said...

I once saw a rather cool documentary of such an event on Discovery. Basically america would suffocate under a pile of ash and the rest oft he world gets an ice age.

The sulphur did give the world a nice yellow color though :)


p.s. All these things happening at once, almost makes me think a higher force is at work. Almost ;).

p.p.s the docu I mentioned:


Rzero said...

And we've got more: