Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What is dumber than Creationism? Evolutionary Theory.

It's true. My problem is not that I am poorly informed in either, rather that I know a thousand things about both that most of you will never hear.

Creationism is stupid. It doesn't meet the criteria needed to even be accepted as plausible.

Evolutionary theory used to be better when it was offered as a theory, before it turned into a religion in it's own right. Needless to say it is exceedingly weak in light of recent revisions and just doesn't hold water. Creationists are useful in this regard in the same way scientologists are useful in attacking mainstream psychology, the craziest and most irrational "science" in the history of mankind. It's not that I agree with scientologists about their alternatives, rather it's their criticisms that are very poignant.

Carl Sagan's universe as presented on COSMOS used to be my secular faith. I believed in it with a fierce devotion for sixteen years from 1981 through 1998 with little or no doubts about it's general accuracy.

I know today that it is all a bunch of made up crap. Every word of it.

The truth is (you will always get it on Vault-Co if nowhere else) is that we aren't sure where in the hell we are, what the hell is going on or what the hell the paradigm is that will explain it for us. That's the truth. So try this. Let God be true and every man a liar if it comes to that. Believe what God says and keep your mind open to different angles cast on scripture. Without declaring it an allegory outright, instead consider we may be getting the Reader's Digest Condensed Version in Genesis. I suspect there is much more to this story than we realize.


its the end of the world as we know it said...

it's the big bang theory, I'm sure of it...God said let there be light...and bang: there was light

Rzero said...

off-topic: When post-apocalyptic jellyfish attack:

Anonymous said...

Evolution and Creation
Compliment each other
if you add "RE" to the front of creation and take it from 10,500 years ago(the date of the last catastrophy)

think about it

Anonymous said...

But your last paragraph contradicts what you wrote in the rest of your post! If no one what happened or what will happen next, then there is nothing for you to call crap or to realise. In short, there is nothing that you can call true or false.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above, your college has rotted your brain.