Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What The 2008 Recession Is Designed To Segue Into

Television rots the brain. The worst thing it does, as is pointed out in the article, is convince viewers that anything they don't see on televitz must not be "important", interesting or credible. It is the ability to focus the attention of the masses on stuff that is insipid, just plain dumb, off-topic or irrelevant while they are literally robbed blind, the furnishings are stripped and their gold fillings are pried out. Television is hypnotic and whosoever watches it is made stupid. Part of television's control is making it's destructive influence into such a cliche it no longer registers on the brain. People on television make fun of what garbage it all is, concentrating mainly on the content, as though the medium itself in terms of it's worth as a mechanism for transmission of information was above question.

Years ago, it was only a few bookish and eccentric loners like me who knew these things. We read books like Jerry Mander's Four Arguments For The Elimination of Television and celebrated in our lonely nerdish little way that a single chink of twilight had shone through the fog of the idiot box reality smokescreen. Small circles of people who still read books understood what Mander was talking about ... the other 250 million people were little more than drooling vegetables on automatic pilot.

The Internet has certainly started to change things. Not as much as many optimists expected, though. Call me skeptical but I have trouble believing the harsh glare of the real world will ever be able to compete with the toxic rose colored light emanating from the electronic Pied Piper From Hell. People would rather listen to a pleasant little saccharine flute as they plunge to their deaths on the rocks below than wrestle with the grim possibility they may survive if they are willing to think for themselves.


Arm Chair Survivalist said...

Tex - It never ceases to amaze me what is on the news and more importantly what ISN'T.

Case for the prosecution.

*Nothing has been mentioned about Putin telling his military to ensure that the nukes are good to go.

*Nothing mentioned about the Chinese Sub surfacing undetected near the USS Kittyhawk whilst the USN were conducting anti submarine drills

*Very little is made about the threat of Islamic groups in Pakistan gaining power and the implications of that considering that Pakistan is a nuclear power. Instead they bang on about that general being a dictator (Kinda like Saddam)

*Peak Water / Peak Money / Peak Food? Nope lets watch argue about Australian Idol and watch Mel and Koschie as if they matter.

Anonymous said...

Television is there for the REASON of keeping the masses minds fully distracted from what's really going down. The latest catastrophe to hit England is their failure to reach some football tournament next year. Apparently this is so traumatising that it's expected to cost the economy billions in lost revenue due to the collapse in demand for beer,flat screen tv's,football shirts with a number on the back,pub trade etc. Ah,so that's what makes the world go around-football! Puts the descent into ice age,oil demand outstripping supply and nuclear obliteration into perspective. I KNEW there was nothing to worry about!