Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Western Civilization : A Mental Asylum For Psychotics

No matter which way you bar the door, Darwin will find a way in.

This is nature selecting for inferior inductive reasoning, poor perception, weak analytical skills and too much conformity to consensus ideas and herd group-think. These genes have been excised from competition because they were lousy.

These people have been unconsciously "saving the planet" by avoiding reproducing themselves. It doesn't matter if the "environmental crisis" is real or manufactured (it is in fact completely manufactured out of whole cloth), their actions benefit us all. Fewer looters to shoot after TSHTF.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This article is a perfect example of just how batshit insane most people in the West have become. My favorite line is:

"...which suggests that if an "observer" makes repeated, quick observations of a microscopic object undergoing change, the object can stop changing - just as a watched kettle never boils."

Yeah, that's some solid science there. I can testify to this as a chemist - every time we need to boil something in the lab everyone present has to put on blindfolds and leave the room. Right.

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