Sunday, November 18, 2007

Vault-Co Prediction Confirmed : India Defects To China

Seriously, who else got this right six years in advance? Anybody else on Earth?

Who else was talking pure lunacy in 2002 and predicted a solid coming alliance between Russia, China and India against the United States? Can you think of one other person? I don't think even J.R. Nyquist got this one right.

There is no altruism amongst the nations. Ask not what the nation says but rather look to where it's interests lie. That's who they will align themselves with. A piece of paper or a handshake don't mean anything in politics. At least not realpolitik.

If you can link to one other blog, essay, article or editorial that foresaw this development correctly, put your link in the comments and we'll add whoever else got it right to this post. Otherwise we'll assume it's just another dead center hit by Vault-Co several years in advance.

Admit it, that was extremely nutty talk circa 2002. Yet we turned out to be right.

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