Wednesday, November 28, 2007

U.S. Dollar = Another Sad Tale of Fiat Currency

Parity with birdcage liner will be achieved next year.

Everything is fine. Nothing to see here people. It's all policy. Keep moving. Watch more televitz. Consume. Sleep. Marry and Reproduce.

Paul Craig Roberts on what happens now.

Who was John Titor?

I am tempted to say one of the greatest hoaxers in the history of mankind. Ordinary people aren't very good readers. I am. The guy never skipped a beat. There was no poker tell. The writing is delivered with such conviction that the person responsible for these postings should probably win an Academy Award for staying in character that long. Too convincing. Most of the population is functionally illiterate. The only two guys in the world I know who write that well are John Titor and me. Since I'm not John Titor, I have to tell you the person pretending to be John Titor was incredibly clever at faking the part of a homeschooled, battle hardened multiskilled real American who was the opposite of everything that modern people are today. The Gen-X morlocks don't realize what lousy writers and thinkers they are. They don't notice these things. They'd never see the huge gulf between their self-expression and whoever this John Titor was. John Titor was light years ahead of his audience in perception and perspective. They were like crude decline era monkeys beating with bones on the black Kubrick monolith that was Titor's writing. Compare the questions they asked with Titor's responses. No contest. The former are barely even human beings but the latter was a well-rounded whole person who was obviously the product of much tragic experience. Those fat mall kids couldn't even come up with one decent talking point for the man from the future.

If Hillary wins next year. That's what I'm waiting to see. That will clinch it for me.


Chesterton said...

"The guy never skipped a beat. There was no poker tell."

Are you joking? It would take a very selective reader to miss all of the contradictions in his story. Here's a short and incomplete list of them:

How is our worldline different from yours?

"...I've also noticed little things like news events that happen at different times, football games won by other teams, things like that."

A few days later:

Tell me who wins the (upcoming sporting event).

"Off the top of your head, can you tell me if it rained in Atlanta this time last year? Do you think time travelers carry a sports reference with them?"

Well I'll be damned! What a memory on this guy! A pretty impressive feat to remember the results of meaningless football games (I'm not a sports fan, but I know that November, the month this was posted, is still the regular season for football and thus none of the games are all that important or memorable) and the exact times of certain "news events" that occurred when he was two years old! Wow! Of course, as soon as he's asked for a falsifiable prediction his memory suddenly gets real cloudy about such trivial matters. Funny how that works.

This next part will be bolded and italicized to make sure noone misses it.

Is the same type of currency used? Is ours today good in 2010 or 2020?

"Yes, we use money. That's a good question. I don't see why you couldn't use your current bills in the future."

Does money look different than it does now?

No, money is pretty much the same.

Hey, Vault, what's the title of your post again? What's the first sentence of it? Better save that birdcage liner for 2010 and beyond! Care to explain how a fiat currency survived a civil war and the nuclear destruction of all major cities? How is this idiotic "prediction" not a direct contradiction of everything you and he talk about? (For the record, I agree with you on most things.) Only people who are looking for certainties about the future or else are comforted by what Titor was peddling would be goofy enough to overlook this kind of stuff.

John Titor is probably the creation of a science fiction writer who, while well informed about physics and technology, knows squat about economics. Oops! I'm going to end this response here because I consider the last point pretty damning. If you feel it's not sufficient and would like me to point out a few more of his poker tells for you I'll gladly do so.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and an obvious hoaxer at that. You didn't seriously get taken in by his spiel, did you?

vaporland said...

very well said - I think there is more to the Titor story than meets the eye...

Rzero said...

Titor has been completely debunked for years.

HOWEVER, he certainly stumbled on some insights when creating this hoax.

A case of fiction slowly becoming reality.


Anonymous said...

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