Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thumb Gauge Explained : If Vault-Co Says It, We're Radical Fringe Nuts. If They Say It Then It's Orthodoxy.

This stuff is so old it is sneezing dust. We put all these ideas up on Vault-Co nearly 6 years ago concerning climate change.

History Shows Climate Changes Lead To War and Famine

Climate Change Will Send Asia Back To The Rice Paddies

Climate Changes Will Tilt the Balance In Favor of War In Most States

The Four Horsemen Are Coming

Remember, these pinheads think the world is going to be heating up from increased CO2. We should be so lucky, we'd have record crop harvests. Vault-Co says the world is headed into another Ice Age where everybody will be colder and drier even if they don't get glaciated. If you think people will fight 'cuz they're irritable in warm weather, wait 'til you see'em squabble over the last frozen scraps of food in another Ice Age. Now that will be a proper war. Heating is the gay escapist scenario for commie she-males like Albert Gore.

If you think you can handle the truth, get ready for Ice Age II.


Anonymous said...

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse story is based on global warming, buy you say the world is getting colder.

Can't you even keep your disaster scenarios correct?

Cooler = Less disease!

Anonymous said...

You argue in other messages that global warming is a hoax but now you're implying that it's true and that assertions given about it are "old news"!

On top of that, your claims about an ice age were given in the 1970s.

Anonymous said...

So because the ice age claims from the '70s were replaced by the pseudo science of global warming that means that scientists were wrong about the ice age approaching. Since when do fashion trends make for true or false?

Tex is not the confused one.