Thursday, November 22, 2007

Russia Prepares For Nuclear War With The United States

Sorcha Faal is pretty accurate with this assessment. It's a good picture of what is really going on in the world whilst the sheeple read up on Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

Russia and the U.S. are starting to rub each other the wrong way and it's the United States that is the aggressor. The Amerikwans have backed themselves into a fiat money corner where it's either fight or collapse, the traditional denouement of empires.

You and probably most of the people you know keep telling yourselves that World War III won't happen because the nations involved have too much to lose. You need to take a good look at this planet again and ask yourself if they actually have more to lose by remaining passive as their catalogue of errors piles up on top of them. The Vault-Co premise is that nations in fact have very little control over their own actions, just as few men have little control over their own destiny. They are a product of their own behaviour and it's consequences. Mankind in general cannot often change their fate by simply reacting to the outcomes that they create through their unconscious habits. They are like passive prisoners chained to boxcars that run along rigid preconstructed rail lines.

At some point in 1998, I began to understand that there was a global nuclear war coming and that nobody anywhere would be able to do anything to avert it. All you could realistically do is accept it and prepare for it as an inevitability. This true control over one's life, minor and regional as it may be, is a thousand times more powerful than marching around with a beret and a no-nukes placard. That's just beanbaggery straw man mental masturbation with no payoff at the end. Building a Vault is realpolitik.


Anonymous said...

Sorcha Faal is pretty accurate with this assessment


You don't have the slightest idea what a credible source is, do you?

Sorcha is NUTS!

Texas Arcane said...

Funny how I was talking about her assessment and you changed the topic to her ad hominem. As if who says a thing is important either way. Was her assessment correct or not? Do you understand how to determine for yourself whether or not what someone is saying is true or false?

Anonymous said...

Gotta aggree with Anonymous here.

Their assesment might be right but even a nut can have a moment of clarity.

With nut ofcourse meaning Sorcha Faal and not you Tex. You're better described as 'excentric' :D.