Monday, November 19, 2007

Robert Higgs on "Crackpot Realism"

An essay worth reading.

If nothing else, if the common man was only wise enough to realize he is looking at the least and the worst, not the best and the brightest, when he is told to look up nowadays, we'd all live in a very different world.

It's reverse Darwinism. Our leaders are handpicked from amongst the sorriest school of candidates, the anti-leaders who are seemingly biologically engineered to lead a people into their own destruction. They get where they are because they never learn how to get and keep real day jobs. It's that simple. You may think that's an oversimplification because you've been listening to their obscurantism from birth and have been trained to believe anything that is obvious is to be suspected. It really is just that simple. They are men who can't get real day jobs.
A man who believes that some success in managing an economic endeavor qualifies him to administrate human life in a nation only proves that even his limited success in business was just a fluke. He's likely too stupid to even know what he doesn't know and never will know. Of such substance a politician is made. Third rate character, fifth rate mind combined with confidence of the first order.

Take a look at today's crop of monkeys in manpants across the Western world masquerading as leaders and tell me it isn't coming. Of course itz coming. These chimps can't do anything about it.

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Anonymous said...

I was thinking that you were talking about the Australian election when I read your commentary. Look at our choices - career politicians all. We're so screwed.

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