Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pakistan Lurches Into Darkness

How soon before the rise of the nuclear-armed Radical Islamic Superstate?

Will the radicals then shove the invaders out of Iraq? Perhaps with the help of Turkey?

Pakistan will inject Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon with tech. If they go to the Islamic Dinar and off U.S. currency for petro-dollars, that's it for the United States. They won't have to launch a nuke to first bring the country to it's knees. Once on their knees, that's when the coup de grace courtesy of the atom will come.

Vault-Co prediction : China will be greatly emboldened by this alteration in the political climate. Everybody will know itz coming when Paki falls.

Have you ever been in the middle of a chess game when suddenly your opponent announces checkmate - and you realize you lost this game ten moves back without seeing it at the time? That is what is happening to Amerikwa now. Pakistan is like a Knight and two Bishops. It's not something that seems utterly fatal at once ... only later when you get a chance to reflect.

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