Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oil is Abiotic

Just had to say it. The recent discovery in Brazil below the salt layer proves it.

Nobody ever looked beneath the salt layer because they thought oil came from compressed dead organic matter. It's equivalent to the belief that maggots erupt spontaneously from spoiled meat. That's Dark Age medieval superstition.

Irregardless of supply, it's not "peak oil" (we've never endorsed this popular hoax) we have ever taken seriously at Vault-Co. It's India, China and the rest of the world's PEAK DEMAND. If they discovered three times as much oil reserve as we currently have right underneath the White House, there is still going to be a World War over resources. You heard it here first. Amongst other reasons, the vast delay in bringing these fields to productivity mandates fighting over whatever is pumping right now.

Yes, whereas it is true that if the United States suddenly became sane and announced drilling would become legal off the coast of Florida and California in addition to a massive program of development for nuclear energy, it would change everything. We all know that will never happen. Sick, declining societies don't implement solutions. They have lost the ability to even identify their problems, much less the ways to solve them.

It's not running out of oil I'm worried about. It's running out of breathing human beings from warfare that concerns me.


Anonymous said...

Vaultie, examine some of this oil with magnification and you will discover the remnants of plankton, just like most oil, biotic.

OK 5-8 billion barrels. Lets give them credit for all 8 billion. Aint happening, but lets just say..

Divide this for the current rate Earth consumes oil, say 85 million barrels per day and you get 235 days.

This huge find, and it truly is noteworthy for its size will only power this planet for 235 days at current consumption...

How many years will it take to extract?? What rate is possible?? How much energy will it take to extract??

Its obviously not gonna be much impact when you consider the big picture...

its the end of the world as we know it said...

I'm waiting for the drilling to start in would just be God's sense of humor to have the Israelies drill into the lowest lying pool in the middle east and therefor suck up all the oil because it is draining into their resevoire = not that that is provable just something I am casually waiting for

Anonymous said...

Vault - I agree with you about a lot of things - but on this one your are DEAD WRONG.

You of all people should understand that the coming war will be based on resources - what greater resource is there than oil ?

Oil PRODUCTION has plateaued for almost three years now and is just beginnning the long downward slope.

The ONLY reason we have 6+ Billion people on this planet was the introduction of oil as the primary energy source 150 years ago. When oil goes away, the size of the population crashes just like any animal population.

Go to the Oil Drum or to and you'll have all your cherished fantasies about oil destroyed. Pay special attention to the Export Land theory and decline rates.

You're a smart guy Vault - don't fuck yourself by misunderstanding the greatest change in human history.


Anonymous said...

Abiotic? Lol!

Thats right up there with alien gods and the flat earth society.


Anonymous said...

Hubbard has never been proven wrong or even seriously challenged. Hubbard's peak is just about iron-clad. That curve applies to any oil field or discovery, including Brazil or anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

But peak oil isn't about running out of oil, it's about running out of cheap access to oil.