Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Layman's Introduction To 2012

No mysticism, UFOs, Planet X or crazy physics that sound made up.

Just the straight story on what is going to happen on December 21, 2012.

That's all you need to conclude you should start digging.

I first read about the alignment with the galactic center back in 1996 and that was on some weird UFO site. It wasn't until I followed the link the author provided to the original NASA article that I realized he had simply reprinted a summary from the orthodoxy. I had to think about it for a long time before it became meaningful. At the moment, it seems very important to prepare with this date in mind. It seems in fact, to be the date to be ready for.

As if all the crap going on in the world didn't provide enough to worry about. Of course, some fringe thinkers have suggested that it is the increasing magnetic field itself which is responsible for the increasingly nutty behaviour of the largely doomed inhabitants of this little blue globe.


Anonymous said...

Psychologists probably have a name for someone like me,but I can't wait 'til that momentous day. What privilege to be around to witness the end of this world. Death comes to us all,and having lain in a coma for months I know it's no way to die. 2012 we all go in unison,bit parts in the most unimaginable sci-fi made real.

Ice Cream Soldier said...

The name you're looking for is EPITOME of NUT!

Sounds like you're in misery and misery loves company. I intend to survive. Don't know if it's coming in 2012 or if we'll get a double whammy of WW3 and 2012 but having a place to try to beat either one's not a bad idea.

I surer 'n shit don't look forward to going in unison with you.

Texas Arcane said...

Ditto ICS.

Coma man, this site is not for people looking forward to dying. It's a site for paranoid optimists who aim to go on living.

I should point out that being inside a Vault of some kind makes all the difference during an event like this. If you just sit there watching TV in your house until the roof collapses and breath in wet ash, you're going to die.

If you take shelter, have good preps and filter your air, you're about 99.999999999999% more likely to make it than sheeple aboveground waiting for a FEMA food drop.

There is no such thing as the end of the world. There's just the potential end of you. If violent transitions were the end of life on Earth then where in the hell do you think you came from?

Anonymous said...

ICS and Tex: well said!


Anonymous said...

Your missing the point. If something like Yellowstone or WW3 comes off,you can stay in your vault for as long as you like;there'll be nothing left to emerge to,only untold misery. If the world's gonna end,it's gonna end. Accept,or wait 'til your old and ill in a hospital bed,screaming for death's mercy. Now if some cataclysm isn't going to get us after all,I gladly retract all I said.

Texas Arcane said...

You not only missed the point, you missed the premise, the consequences and the conclusion as well.

There is no such thing as the end of the world. It's not in scripture or anywhere else. As for "untold misery," if you mean no taxes, no mortgage, clean air purified by hydrogen sulfides and ozone, abundant hydroponic food and fish, only bright and competent people left alive ... well, let's say one man's hell is another man's heaven.

It's all perfectly natural. It's happened many times before. It will happen many times again in the future. It kills off a lot of people like yourself who don't know whether they want to live or die. I'm puzzled as to why all this is a bad thing. Most of the people I know are quasi-emos anyway, so you'd think they'd be happy to finally perish.

Ice Cream Soldier said...

Coma man, I don't know what put you in the coma before but, as I sit trying to imagine how I would feel after coming out of a coma, I would naturally assume that I would relish life that much more. Of course, if you are left paralyzed or otherwise totally incapacitated I could almost see your desire to be obliterated and to stand, defiantly, at the epicenter of ground zero of either a nuclear detonation or Yellowstone with arms outstretched welcoming the prospect of instant nonexistence.

As I said before, misery loves company and that would explain your desire to want to be holding hands with the rest of us as your obliteration occurs.

I'm 100% with Tex and Nzero on this. Mankind has been around on this earth for a long, long time. Tex is 100% right, the more intelligent will survive because they will see the way to prepare. Nutcases will welcome obliteration and the intelligent will welcome the obliteration of the nutcases.

One man's hell....

It's certainly possible that many will perish who took precautions but certainly not as many as didn't. I once was considering a move to Wyoming. Don't know what has held me back but I think its a good thing.

You need to get in touch with the Hemlock Association bud.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a monkey's about what scripture said? And the physical world will most certainly end at some point. Before that though will almost certainly come the end of the human race. It's already dug far too big a hole for it to climb out of. When you survive the cataclysm,whatever form it takes, there'll come a day when you're either too old an infirm,or develop a serious illness which is going to carry you off. Who's gonna look after you then? And how the hell do you purify air with hydrogen sulphide? That's a new one on me!

Texas Arcane said...

If you'll read a little on volcanism, you'll find a lot of geologists believe that volcanic activity is the ultimate flush for the world's atmosphere. All these chemicals that are "deadly poison" if you're too close to the eruption are mostly air purification chems once they have degraded. The air is run through an ash filter - ash clumps and kills most of the bacteria that live in the clouds as well as being a hazard to breathing.

That ash once it has fallen to earth (often passing through a hydrogen peroxide wash followed by a sulphur bath, most powerful antibacterials in the world) it deposits as a new layer of mineral rich soil that is absolutely sterile.

Ever wonder why volcanic islands are such green verdant paradises?

Ice Cream Soldier said...

EPITOME of NUT, why are you getting angry? Had you really expected open arms acceptance for your 'all go in unison' theory. Go back to your original post at the top and read it objectively. Doesn't it look kinda nutty to you?

Do a little more research. Arcane is right.

What kind of life are you wanting? Appears you are Also EPITOME of Socialism. Truely free men do not ask to be kept.

Of course we will grow old and maybe we will die without anyone to care for us but, I'm trying to prepare to save my family too. Growing old is not all that pleasant (and I should know, I'm 60) but, aren't you a strange one? You are the one who has made the point about no one living forever. It's the quality of the living, you fool! I've pushed this life to the max and I will do everything in my power to save my grandchildren.

Of course I will die, you idiot, but they will carry own and it all starts again. Do you think I should bring them to Yellowstone so we can all hold hands?

Anonymous said...

Okay guys,I get the drift. You are of course all right. Just that maybe I don't have your resilience gene and therefore can't see a way out of what's coming. Hence the defeatism. Seriously,sincerely,good luck to you all.

Anonymous said...

Texas Arcane said...

Those who have been following this site for some time will know what theory we subscribe to concerning the Mayan calendar.

In succinct form, we believe an Indo-Aryan seafaring civilization colonized South America at some point before 3000 B.C. and used the natives as slaves to mine out it's mineral wealth for export back to the native land. It's possible uranium was one of the valuable metals that was refined there, which explains the residual radioactivity occasionally found at some sites there.

It became necessary to train the local savages to take on administrative tasks because as little as one or two Indo-Aryans could not handle all the organizational tasks for a thousand slaves. So they were taught astronomy, timekeeping, crop rotation, celtic mound building (their pyramids) and whatever else was necessary for them to complete their labor.

I don't know how far back this Indo-Aryan nation extended, perhaps to the previous Ice Age or even beforehand. They taught the Mayans that their calendars should end on December 2012 for a reason. There is no telling for how many thousands of years they had been making calendars of that length or just what their level of advancement was. The ancient indian texts indicate they had Harrier Jets, atomic Bombs and nuclear reactors.

They knew that date was special. Through rarest chance, that date they had known about for millennium ended up being carved by those savages into the stone ring calendars they used to teach the jungle people some basic astronomy.

It's likely that as soon as their white redhaired "god" vanished over the ocean horizon, they reverted bqack quickly to blood sacrifices and cannibalism. Like Rhodesia into Zimbabwe. The stone rings remained and they present us with an eerie and paralying "coincidence" --- this very date aligns EXACTLY with a date we know to be of extraordinary importance in astronomical terms. It is not easily dismissed or ignored, however the Mayans learned about this date.