Monday, November 26, 2007

Kurt Saxon's Classic 25 Cents A Day Meals

If you've never read this article, you don't know what you're missing.

Try this as an experiment one evening and see how cheaply you can eat at work. I did it once for about 8 weeks and I figure I saved $2000.00 I would have spent on lunch.

Imagine the same principles applied inside a shelter for food preparation and cooking as the last word in energy efficiency. I tried it during one of my R&D nights in Firehold Alpha and the most important thing I realized after discovering what an amazingly easy principle it was is that you need to have a really, really good way to exhaust the steam when you open your fireless cooker "crockpot." Otherwise it's the most incredible thing since sliced bread.

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Lucid said...

This has been my breakfast for the last 6 months. One point I'd make would be that Kurt is useless when it comes to just writing a simple recipe! I had to print out 3 or 4 pages and circle all the "recipe" bits before I had an idea of what to do.
Keep up the good work, Tex.
Remember, Global Warming, they could be right.