Sunday, November 25, 2007

Is This The Ultimate Vault Shortwave Gear?

The BITX20 SSW Transceiver - Is This the New Civil Defense Radio?

It's a brilliant design that substitutes high quality, calibrated toroids with simple and cheap replacements using solid state electronics for the frequency adjustment. It's the last word in open source SSW, with a huge user's group that has been tweaking it and adding accessories for some time. Originally designed for India to help the masses get shortwave connected to the rest of the world. The performance compared to sets starting at $4000.00+ USD is supposed to be phenomenal.
There is a lot of leeway for "hacking" the design any way you want, putting it into almost any kind of case and hooking up a lot of different peripherals which you can build with the help of other BitX20 users on the Yahoo newsgroup and elsewhere. You can also bridge the digital divide pretty easily with digital frequency displays and other links to a PC to monitor input and output.
I just found the only gift I need for Christmas this year other than grace.

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fallout_shelter_six said...

is that a gonset fallout shelter radio? i have seen some bigger versions but nothing small like that, and for some of us who love civil defense gear it is one of the ultimate pieces of gear!nice blog enjoyed it.