Wednesday, November 28, 2007

U.S. Dollar = Another Sad Tale of Fiat Currency

Parity with birdcage liner will be achieved next year.

Everything is fine. Nothing to see here people. It's all policy. Keep moving. Watch more televitz. Consume. Sleep. Marry and Reproduce.

Paul Craig Roberts on what happens now.

Who was John Titor?

I am tempted to say one of the greatest hoaxers in the history of mankind. Ordinary people aren't very good readers. I am. The guy never skipped a beat. There was no poker tell. The writing is delivered with such conviction that the person responsible for these postings should probably win an Academy Award for staying in character that long. Too convincing. Most of the population is functionally illiterate. The only two guys in the world I know who write that well are John Titor and me. Since I'm not John Titor, I have to tell you the person pretending to be John Titor was incredibly clever at faking the part of a homeschooled, battle hardened multiskilled real American who was the opposite of everything that modern people are today. The Gen-X morlocks don't realize what lousy writers and thinkers they are. They don't notice these things. They'd never see the huge gulf between their self-expression and whoever this John Titor was. John Titor was light years ahead of his audience in perception and perspective. They were like crude decline era monkeys beating with bones on the black Kubrick monolith that was Titor's writing. Compare the questions they asked with Titor's responses. No contest. The former are barely even human beings but the latter was a well-rounded whole person who was obviously the product of much tragic experience. Those fat mall kids couldn't even come up with one decent talking point for the man from the future.

If Hillary wins next year. That's what I'm waiting to see. That will clinch it for me.

Annual Diversity Carnival Begins In France

The gift that keeps on giving. Forever.

High speed motorcycle powered enrichers have encounter with mass. It's all the fault of whitey.

Carnival in pictures.

Western man is stupid.

Let'em burn. The Phoenix principle says dead wood has to go into the furnace in order to clear the forest for new growth. Anybody dumb enough to keep whistling the multikult catechism at this point belongs on top of the fire. They don't need to be educated. They are incapable of learning. So lock up the fire extinguisher, sit back and watch 2000 years of Western civilization go up in ashes. I reckon there'd be no need for Vault-Co if the whole world wasn't so damn stupid.

Take a good look at their paradigm for the world. Is it predictive? Or is ours? Who guessed at all of this in advance? Could we do that if our model of reality was farther from the truth? Or would it have already proven itself to be the accurate one and the gibberish on the televitz all so much delusion and schizophrenic madness?

The French are supposed to be swaying hand in hand like the old Coca-Cola commercial by now. Is that happening? No? Did somebody lie to you? Was it Vault-Co that lied?

Think about it. Make up your own mind. This one is your call.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Worldwide Sheeple Control : "They Live" Flying Taser Zapbot

We couldn't make this stuff up at Vault-Co.

You knew it was only a matter of time. Tasers are generally safe except for the 300+ people who have died where force was otherwise inappropriate for that situation. It's likely somebody in America will be executed via summary justice with this portable electrocution chair by street cops before you finish reading this blog post.

Hey, while you're at it, why not put a real gun up there as well? Chain fed, belt loaded, with regular stops at automated reloading stations. That way the cops could just sit at the station and use a joystick to blow away people with overdue library books and jaywalkers. What about a dragonfly drone with a lethal injection payload for troublemakin' toddlers? Elderly scofflaws could be dispatched off this vale of tears by a whirlybird spraying cyanide gas while they are serenaded by an MP3 player with the best of Perry Como. It's all about the love, people.

Classic ZOG Agitprop From Ministry Of Truth

You have to read this piece from Andrew Cohen. You gotta give it to the guy. This is over-the-top moxie masquerading as journalism. It's almost a caricature from Der Sturmer. Remember this is exactly what Weimar Germany was like in the late 1920's. Exactly.

This could literally have come from the pen of Orwell or another science fiction writer in a novel about a totalitarian society.

The Bill of Rights, according to the people who wrote it, was not a list of rights permitted to people to retain. It was a list of rights the government would never be able to abridge, subtract, or amend - with the assumption that anybody who tried to do so would be a tyrant.

The right to bear arms is over 1200 years old going back to the Scottish Declaration of Rights. The only critters that don't belong in this picture are guys like Andrew Cohen and others who are simply not compatible with free republics. Rather than modify the government, they need to move on to other pastures. They have worn out their welcome. Mark my words, just as in 1920's Weimar Germany this is going to lead to very, very bad things.

If the Supreme Court declares the Second Amendment is other than what it says it is and all of the Founding Fathers repeatedly said in print it is and exactly what it sounds like ... you will be looking at civil war in America 100% in 2008. I guarantee it.

I've heard that the NWO is worried it is running behind schedule for the planned integration of the North American Union, originally scheduled in 2010 - and they are hurriedly rushing the final stages into place in many different countries for this reason.

John Titor was right. 2008 is the year that everybody finds out they weren't living in the world they thought they were living in. According to Titor, Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States, with the help of Diebold Voting Machines. America will be fighting an increasingly ugly civil war in addition to several external wars and will be ripped apart by the ZOG machine during this time. Russia will bring an end to it all in 2015 with global thermonuclear war. I hope John was telling the truth and we really do have 7 years left to prepare. I'm not counting on it, personally. As John pointed out, there are an infinite number of universes and possibilities. I wouldn't be shocked if it starts in the next fifteen minutes.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Kurt Saxon's Classic 25 Cents A Day Meals

If you've never read this article, you don't know what you're missing.

Try this as an experiment one evening and see how cheaply you can eat at work. I did it once for about 8 weeks and I figure I saved $2000.00 I would have spent on lunch.

Imagine the same principles applied inside a shelter for food preparation and cooking as the last word in energy efficiency. I tried it during one of my R&D nights in Firehold Alpha and the most important thing I realized after discovering what an amazingly easy principle it was is that you need to have a really, really good way to exhaust the steam when you open your fireless cooker "crockpot." Otherwise it's the most incredible thing since sliced bread.

U.S. Plans To Use Porno Profits To Fund New Weapons Systems Against China

... point being, there will be no grand schemes of innovation and daring to counter Russia and China once the Amerikwan dollar reaches parity with coffee can labels as an exchange medium. This is all pie-in-the-sky speculation from a bankrupted nation headed for obscurity in a blaze of glory.

America Has Come To It's End

Nyquist tells everybody else what we've been telling you at Vault-Co for a long time.

Where Amerikwa is going, there ain't no coming back. "The Panic of 2008."

If you've been reading Vault-Co for a while you've probably figured out why so many people with Aspergers autism display Cassandra Complex.

It's because we can see the future but nobody can comprehend what we are talking about until it arrives. It sounds like gibberish until it gets here and people go ... "Oh right, that's what you were talking about. I see now." Too little, too late.

Amerikwans know that widespread civil unrest is coming.

The tragedy of Aspergers is that because of the nature of the human mind, nobody is harder to understand than the honest man who speaks in plain language. That alone might be too weird to accept but it's true. Nobody is more obscure than the guy who is almost incapable of guile. There are hundreds of thousands of years of guile embedded biologically in the way that the human brain functions. People expect guile when others are talking and demand that others practice the courtesy of accepting their guile when they speak. If somebody talks without guile, he will find almost no audience amongst mankind. It's like he was trying to communicate at a higher pitched frequency than the normal human ear can hear.

If oil is expensive now, how will the United States compete with it's trash currency?

I was working on a software project recently with another developer who clearly had Asperger's. He was younger than me and had not yet achieved the acceptance needed to avoid limitless frustration. All I could do was laugh when he tried to explain it to the neurotypicals ... The design and architecture is junk. It makes no coherent sense. There is no way the project can succeed because there is no solution to the problem, only a consensus that we should not adapt our approach. He might as well have been trying to teach chimpanzees to program in COBOL. Finally the Project Leader told him with a puzzled air, "What you're trying to say is that you want more money, then, right?"

You cannot solve a problem if you cannot correctly identify what the problem is. Civilizations fail not because they choose the wrong solutions, rather they lose the ability to even recognize what their problems are.

Astronomers Locate Azathoth, The Cosmic Nuclear Chaos

So that's what those drumbeats getting closer are I keep hearing all the time.

Lovecraft was the first to postulate the existence of this anti-matter critter the size of a galaxy.

It's not the big Az that worries me, it's immigration policies that favor easy border movements of his servant Nyarlathotep, the "black wanderer."

Well, pack your rice. There's always a future as one of the stunted underworld mutants that survives eating white grubs belowground. I actually enjoy a good white grub if it is well cooked.

The Wild, Weird Whacky World of Globo-Warmthink

The facts say that globo-warmthers are crazier and more delusional than the worst religious fanatics of the Medieval Church.

Satellites demonstrate that temperatures have been evenly dropping over the entire planet for thirty years. This is all before the sun has one massive flux maximum remaining in 2012 and then cools to unprecedented levels, virtually "snuffing out" as one NASA researcher has predicted.

Some scientists have theorized that the Sun "flutters" like a candle as it approaches a cyclic flip-flop, with great gusts in the form of solar flares, before it then ebbs for a long time, perhaps 11,500 years or even longer until the Ice Age once again gives way to the warmth of the interglacial. This cyclic behaviour probably reflects something to do with the interplay of gravity and mass, magnetic fields and the original layered composition of the sun's fuel as it burns. The ultimate governor is likely our passage through the galactic plane and the angle at which force is exerted by the mass and magnetic fields it carries.

We don't know what is going to happen in 2012 or what will be happening in tandem with whatever takes place in 2012. We expect that whatever miseries mankind is enduring at that time are going to be amplified a thousandfold by what takes place in the natural world in the year 2012 when it gets here.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Is This The Ultimate Vault Shortwave Gear?

The BITX20 SSW Transceiver - Is This the New Civil Defense Radio?

It's a brilliant design that substitutes high quality, calibrated toroids with simple and cheap replacements using solid state electronics for the frequency adjustment. It's the last word in open source SSW, with a huge user's group that has been tweaking it and adding accessories for some time. Originally designed for India to help the masses get shortwave connected to the rest of the world. The performance compared to sets starting at $4000.00+ USD is supposed to be phenomenal.
There is a lot of leeway for "hacking" the design any way you want, putting it into almost any kind of case and hooking up a lot of different peripherals which you can build with the help of other BitX20 users on the Yahoo newsgroup and elsewhere. You can also bridge the digital divide pretty easily with digital frequency displays and other links to a PC to monitor input and output.
I just found the only gift I need for Christmas this year other than grace.

Basic Assumptions About Storage Life Overturned!

Just last year, somebody wrote a comment stating that my food storage claims that many foods remained pristine 7-10 years after being stored was an exaggeration and they complained that I seemed to routinely exaggerate most of my storage life estimates. They didn't realize that my education came from the same sources that theirs did, only my hands-on practical experience was that the "official" storage lives published were drastically conservative, even for food that was stored with few precautions.

I expected my food to expire at the same time that the "experts" had suggested. They didn't. I have since concluded that most of these conservative shelf lives you see in print are to avoid being sued for causing somebody to get food poisoning.

The two most critical environmental hazards to avoid are humidity and temperature. Some varieties of damp will make food go off overnight. High temperature will foster bacteria as well. You should store your food in sealed containers somewhere it is dark, cool and dry. This alone will keep most kinds of foodstuffs edible a long time. If you want to pack your own long term storage food, get oxygen absorbers and mylar bags and seal the food up in airtight containers. This can make stuff last practically forever. If you're packing for these kinds of time frames, I will give you the same advice I do for software development : the documentation should travel with the implementation. You have to label that box/bag/drum on the spot with the date packed, a list of the contents and any special notes about sealage or methodology, i.e. oxygen absorber and mylar. We have a standard form at Vault-Co that goes on everything with a water resistant spray adhesive the second the lid is tamped down. Later on you can put a fancy bar code on the drum or an RFID tracking tag but make sure a human-readable failsafe label is on the food so if it's found by a supermutant or your children in the far future, they will know what is inside it.

The cheapest and most ubiquitous foods for really long, long-term storage are powdered milk, white rice and rolled oats. If you kept these sorts of foods dry and cool I expect they could be eaten fifty years from now and perhaps even sustain you for a while until you found something better. Since sugar, brown sugar and malt make rolled oats and powdered milk really easy to eat, they are excellent companions for these foods. I am of the opinion that white sugar kept dry will last at least ten years without an oxy absorber and still remain safe to eat. It doesn't take much more to supplement this diet and you will survive the very worst of famines in combination with clean drinking water.

Don't Fear The Reaper

There is nothing worse than a badly administered civil defense program unless it is no civil defense at all.

Radiation is not a supernatural force. Even the neutron bomb can be shielded against. Radiation can't penetrate rock and overhead cover. Even in the worst scenario, a little radiation ain't gonna kill you. It's a lot of unrelenting radiation that finishes you off.

Teaching people to simply reconcile themselves to the fact they will die from the bomb is nothing less than criminal stupidity in government officials. It's the blind leading the deaf and dumb.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

New Vault Wing Under Construction

Awesome. The Japanese love to build massive infrastructure. Tokyo is crawling with megalithic architecture, you can see where a lot of the inspiration for anime comes from.

Emperor Justinian : The Original Neo-Con

When you look at the sorry collection of traitors and bastards at the helm of the West and feel overcome by despair, it is good to consider the succession of klowns who dismantled Rome in it's final years. The last Roman Emperors were a pathetic, rancid lot of rotten meat walking around in manpants.

There are parallels in history to explain what we are seeing today. It's not new. This has all happened before. What has changed this time around is the technology available to these fools to destroy their own civilizations. There is no recorded parallel there as far as we know.

Russia Prepares For Nuclear War With The United States

Sorcha Faal is pretty accurate with this assessment. It's a good picture of what is really going on in the world whilst the sheeple read up on Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

Russia and the U.S. are starting to rub each other the wrong way and it's the United States that is the aggressor. The Amerikwans have backed themselves into a fiat money corner where it's either fight or collapse, the traditional denouement of empires.

You and probably most of the people you know keep telling yourselves that World War III won't happen because the nations involved have too much to lose. You need to take a good look at this planet again and ask yourself if they actually have more to lose by remaining passive as their catalogue of errors piles up on top of them. The Vault-Co premise is that nations in fact have very little control over their own actions, just as few men have little control over their own destiny. They are a product of their own behaviour and it's consequences. Mankind in general cannot often change their fate by simply reacting to the outcomes that they create through their unconscious habits. They are like passive prisoners chained to boxcars that run along rigid preconstructed rail lines.

At some point in 1998, I began to understand that there was a global nuclear war coming and that nobody anywhere would be able to do anything to avert it. All you could realistically do is accept it and prepare for it as an inevitability. This true control over one's life, minor and regional as it may be, is a thousand times more powerful than marching around with a beret and a no-nukes placard. That's just beanbaggery straw man mental masturbation with no payoff at the end. Building a Vault is realpolitik.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thumb Gauge Explained : If Vault-Co Says It, We're Radical Fringe Nuts. If They Say It Then It's Orthodoxy.

This stuff is so old it is sneezing dust. We put all these ideas up on Vault-Co nearly 6 years ago concerning climate change.

History Shows Climate Changes Lead To War and Famine

Climate Change Will Send Asia Back To The Rice Paddies

Climate Changes Will Tilt the Balance In Favor of War In Most States

The Four Horsemen Are Coming

Remember, these pinheads think the world is going to be heating up from increased CO2. We should be so lucky, we'd have record crop harvests. Vault-Co says the world is headed into another Ice Age where everybody will be colder and drier even if they don't get glaciated. If you think people will fight 'cuz they're irritable in warm weather, wait 'til you see'em squabble over the last frozen scraps of food in another Ice Age. Now that will be a proper war. Heating is the gay escapist scenario for commie she-males like Albert Gore.

If you think you can handle the truth, get ready for Ice Age II.

Where is My Bowl Of Rainbow Stew?

What happened to the globalist paradise? Banning a U.S. Carrier from landing at Hong Kong? This can't be right. Check the roster, I was scheduled for the alternate happy feelgood universe where life is just one big shopping mall. I'm supposed to be working ten hours a week carving Nike Logos into subatomic surfaces with a nanolaser by now.

Anyhow, looks like I got derailed into the parallel world where everybody is running around screaming and weeping with nukes going off and their hair falling out. This sucks. I'm putting in for a transfer.

What The 2008 Recession Is Designed To Segue Into

Television rots the brain. The worst thing it does, as is pointed out in the article, is convince viewers that anything they don't see on televitz must not be "important", interesting or credible. It is the ability to focus the attention of the masses on stuff that is insipid, just plain dumb, off-topic or irrelevant while they are literally robbed blind, the furnishings are stripped and their gold fillings are pried out. Television is hypnotic and whosoever watches it is made stupid. Part of television's control is making it's destructive influence into such a cliche it no longer registers on the brain. People on television make fun of what garbage it all is, concentrating mainly on the content, as though the medium itself in terms of it's worth as a mechanism for transmission of information was above question.

Years ago, it was only a few bookish and eccentric loners like me who knew these things. We read books like Jerry Mander's Four Arguments For The Elimination of Television and celebrated in our lonely nerdish little way that a single chink of twilight had shone through the fog of the idiot box reality smokescreen. Small circles of people who still read books understood what Mander was talking about ... the other 250 million people were little more than drooling vegetables on automatic pilot.

The Internet has certainly started to change things. Not as much as many optimists expected, though. Call me skeptical but I have trouble believing the harsh glare of the real world will ever be able to compete with the toxic rose colored light emanating from the electronic Pied Piper From Hell. People would rather listen to a pleasant little saccharine flute as they plunge to their deaths on the rocks below than wrestle with the grim possibility they may survive if they are willing to think for themselves.

What is dumber than Creationism? Evolutionary Theory.

It's true. My problem is not that I am poorly informed in either, rather that I know a thousand things about both that most of you will never hear.

Creationism is stupid. It doesn't meet the criteria needed to even be accepted as plausible.

Evolutionary theory used to be better when it was offered as a theory, before it turned into a religion in it's own right. Needless to say it is exceedingly weak in light of recent revisions and just doesn't hold water. Creationists are useful in this regard in the same way scientologists are useful in attacking mainstream psychology, the craziest and most irrational "science" in the history of mankind. It's not that I agree with scientologists about their alternatives, rather it's their criticisms that are very poignant.

Carl Sagan's universe as presented on COSMOS used to be my secular faith. I believed in it with a fierce devotion for sixteen years from 1981 through 1998 with little or no doubts about it's general accuracy.

I know today that it is all a bunch of made up crap. Every word of it.

The truth is (you will always get it on Vault-Co if nowhere else) is that we aren't sure where in the hell we are, what the hell is going on or what the hell the paradigm is that will explain it for us. That's the truth. So try this. Let God be true and every man a liar if it comes to that. Believe what God says and keep your mind open to different angles cast on scripture. Without declaring it an allegory outright, instead consider we may be getting the Reader's Digest Condensed Version in Genesis. I suspect there is much more to this story than we realize.

What To Expect When The Magnetic Field Flips

Interesting information about the origin and potential power of cosmic rays if the ionosphere was not shielding us.

It's highly unlikely the ionosphere would stay down much longer than a few weeks at maximum but if it did, you'd want to put some granite between you and outer space until it restored itself. Topside there would be places on the planet that'd be cooking organic matter like the inside of a microwave oven.

We know it has happened before because the prime survivors, bacteria and fungi, all display rare latent abilities that only manifest themselves in the presence of radiation lethal to human beings. Normally benign fungus can suddenly turn coal black, form massive colonies and balloon up in mass like crazy foam. Harmless bacteria can swell up like superheroes and integrate into linked lattices of cooporative action that eat through metal and rock to protect themselves. There's no way these microcritters would retain these capacities if these kinds of events were anywhere near as rare as the majority believe at present. These bugs keep these evolutionary mechanisms in reserve because those that don't must get fried sooner or later.

Australia Backed The Wrong Horse In This Race

We should have been friendly, neutral and oriented towards an Asian-Pacific union instead of off in the desert supporting the world's biggest losers in their campaign to exterminate the people of the Middle East for moving-while-Muslim. All of that was a political dead end for the people of Australia and easily one of the dumbest moves by John Howard's administration.

It looks like these communist bastards in the Labor Party are getting ready to sweep the elections here in Australia and there is a huge upside to all of this in that Labor has always favored social welfare schemes and a generally benevolent non-interventionist military. Both parties are natural born failures but maybe the Labor party will be able to weasel their way into China's good graces again so we can get on this huge emerging gravy train for the Pacific region. It's possible that China will begin talking to us again if Howard is sent to the knackers and a new leadership knows how to approach them diplomatically.

Oil is Abiotic

Just had to say it. The recent discovery in Brazil below the salt layer proves it.

Nobody ever looked beneath the salt layer because they thought oil came from compressed dead organic matter. It's equivalent to the belief that maggots erupt spontaneously from spoiled meat. That's Dark Age medieval superstition.

Irregardless of supply, it's not "peak oil" (we've never endorsed this popular hoax) we have ever taken seriously at Vault-Co. It's India, China and the rest of the world's PEAK DEMAND. If they discovered three times as much oil reserve as we currently have right underneath the White House, there is still going to be a World War over resources. You heard it here first. Amongst other reasons, the vast delay in bringing these fields to productivity mandates fighting over whatever is pumping right now.

Yes, whereas it is true that if the United States suddenly became sane and announced drilling would become legal off the coast of Florida and California in addition to a massive program of development for nuclear energy, it would change everything. We all know that will never happen. Sick, declining societies don't implement solutions. They have lost the ability to even identify their problems, much less the ways to solve them.

It's not running out of oil I'm worried about. It's running out of breathing human beings from warfare that concerns me.

Western Civilization : A Mental Asylum For Psychotics

No matter which way you bar the door, Darwin will find a way in.

This is nature selecting for inferior inductive reasoning, poor perception, weak analytical skills and too much conformity to consensus ideas and herd group-think. These genes have been excised from competition because they were lousy.

These people have been unconsciously "saving the planet" by avoiding reproducing themselves. It doesn't matter if the "environmental crisis" is real or manufactured (it is in fact completely manufactured out of whole cloth), their actions benefit us all. Fewer looters to shoot after TSHTF.

The Science Behind The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

I've been thinking of writing a similar article for a while but just didn't get around to it. It's really good. Keep the hatchet and the flamethrower close.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

2008 & Beyond : The War Years

For what cause?

Any cause heralds the good war! Since when do human beings need a good reason to do anything?

From here on out, we expect it is simply going to deteriorate until the vicious end comes in a terrible global thermonuclear war. Not a Herman Kahn civil exchange of first strikes followed by an immediate armistice, mind you but a real nuclear war, where all participants fire until exhausted or dead using the worst weapons they have in their arsenals.

Vault-Co is founded on three fundamental assumptions :

1. Mankind in the large is incurably insane. Individuals can manifest sanity, groups cannot.

2. Those who live by the sword also die by the sword. People who brandish a hammer think every problem is a nail sticking up. Mankind will do what comes naturally, which means unrestricted warfare.

3. The meek really will inherit the Earth. The best place to wait this era out is behind a Vault door underneath at least a couple meters of crushed rock.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Solar Power For Vaults Is On The Way!

I've been putting off buying new solar panels for this reason - I think we are about to see the prices come down to a fraction of what they have been previously.

This is solid technology and along with fuel cells is likely going to break out in the new year as an irresistable force.

Jeff Nyquist : Amerikwa Is Cornholed Longways

Babies. The other white meat. Sodomite central, the pornography capital of the world, is about to surrender utterly to the judgement of God.

It will be a nation where Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD is considered lighthearted escapist fare for teens.

Bad news about those cycles this article speaks of. A nation always meets it's end with one of those cycles. This is that cycle for Amerikwa.

Robert Higgs on "Crackpot Realism"

An essay worth reading.

If nothing else, if the common man was only wise enough to realize he is looking at the least and the worst, not the best and the brightest, when he is told to look up nowadays, we'd all live in a very different world.

It's reverse Darwinism. Our leaders are handpicked from amongst the sorriest school of candidates, the anti-leaders who are seemingly biologically engineered to lead a people into their own destruction. They get where they are because they never learn how to get and keep real day jobs. It's that simple. You may think that's an oversimplification because you've been listening to their obscurantism from birth and have been trained to believe anything that is obvious is to be suspected. It really is just that simple. They are men who can't get real day jobs.
A man who believes that some success in managing an economic endeavor qualifies him to administrate human life in a nation only proves that even his limited success in business was just a fluke. He's likely too stupid to even know what he doesn't know and never will know. Of such substance a politician is made. Third rate character, fifth rate mind combined with confidence of the first order.

Take a look at today's crop of monkeys in manpants across the Western world masquerading as leaders and tell me it isn't coming. Of course itz coming. These chimps can't do anything about it.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Does Mankind Forget The Painful Stuff Quickly?

Research on the human brain says they do. In fact, mental illness can result most frequently when people fail to display the casual amnesia that characterizes the average human's recall of the past. People tend to rapidly repress or forget that which was horrific. It usually only takes two generations for them to become completely oblivious of it.

On the one hand, the history of the planet seems to be catastrophism. Yet the historical record preserves only the thinnest gist of what actually happened. How much has been forgotten because somebody simply avoided writing it down?

A new theory says our generation is a direct result of a catastrophic event about 5000 years ago. There was some terrible apocalyptic war in India about 13,000 years ago. Before that, six Ice Ages spaced at 11,000 years apart. The original supervolcano bellybuster at 80,000 years reduced human numbers to a mere fractional bottleneck. The whole history of the planet is a series of these events, one after the other, without end.

... and yet, one of the signature defects of the average human brain is how quickly it forgets the horrors and reverts to idle nostalgia about the past.

In 2008, The U.S. Dollar Will Collapse

You heard it here first. There's going to be a run on the banks. There's going to be absolute panic. There will be riots, martial law and tanks in the streets in the fall of 2008. Babies, the other white meat. ZOGBux burned for heat in makeshift steel drums in tent camps.

Mind you, this is the upbeat feelgood hit of the summer scenario.

Let's watch and see if Vault-Co got this one correct.

Vault-Co Prediction Confirmed : India Defects To China

Seriously, who else got this right six years in advance? Anybody else on Earth?

Who else was talking pure lunacy in 2002 and predicted a solid coming alliance between Russia, China and India against the United States? Can you think of one other person? I don't think even J.R. Nyquist got this one right.

There is no altruism amongst the nations. Ask not what the nation says but rather look to where it's interests lie. That's who they will align themselves with. A piece of paper or a handshake don't mean anything in politics. At least not realpolitik.

If you can link to one other blog, essay, article or editorial that foresaw this development correctly, put your link in the comments and we'll add whoever else got it right to this post. Otherwise we'll assume it's just another dead center hit by Vault-Co several years in advance.

Admit it, that was extremely nutty talk circa 2002. Yet we turned out to be right.

Globo-Warmthink : The Congenitally Blind Leading The Hopelessly Doomed

First of all, note that this is the first mainstream mention of an apocalyptic phenomenon that Vault-Co wrote about in depth at least six years ago. For a while there it seemed like we were the only blog on Earth that was aware the oceans had converted into an anaerobic acid bath that had left only jellyfish thriving. The more we discussed it the more the mainstream media avoided the subject, preferring to speak ambiguously about "the crisis in the oceans" and "depletion of fish stocks," without really declaring any conclusions.

Secondly, there is no mention of volcanism in this article. That doesn't fit into the Oprah Winfrey world view, where humans farting and thinking negatively changes cloud cover and mean global temperatures. Volcanos are big and scary and part of adult land, that place over the rainbow where big people have to stop masturbating long enough to pay bills and go to work. Volcanos are not permitted in consumer unit shopping mall world and are banned from mention.

Finally ... and many of you knew this was coming when you began to read this article ... this is part of the classic extinction cycle. Every extinction cycle begins with the acidification of the oceans. It's the first symptom of flood basalt events, where superheated lava pours into the oceans from cracks in the floor near the edges of plates and in other stress points. First the life will die in the seas (approaching completion) and then it will begin on land. Here's another site that just recently noticed six years after we did although of course they blame it on fun fantasy chemistry with CO2 "dissolving" into the oceans. Hey, if it's so easy to keep waters carbonated how come my coca-cola is flat after twenty minutes of sitting open? Can't some of that CO2 "just dissolve" back into it from the air? No? Why not?!?

P.S. Stay off Wikipedia. It's some of the worst political propaganda I have ever seen. Moderators there have been editing the posts for years and censoring competing views.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Amerikwa : Just Another Trashy Third World Hellhole

I was reading about Latin America's police force the other day in a lengthy article that portrayed them as "police," in name only. The local "policeman" in Latin America is actually just a figurehead and public spokesman for the unholy combined regime of the government and organized crime.

There is no concept of "private property" in Latin America. Everything you have is really merely "permitted" to you to manage but can be seized, searched and stolen by any authority figure whenever they want. The notion of mere common people having any right to privacy or dignity in their person that cannot be transgressed is largely a European prejudice. The police aren't really "police" in the third world. They can do whatever they want once they have a badge and their only real restraint is not to overstep the bounds set by their local crime lord.

Those few Americans who read the news a couple years back that more than half the cars driven by the "police" in Mexico were stolen from the United States, took offense at the notion that the "police" could be the biggest lawbreakers of them all in the community.

No worry, because the third world has come to them. They don't need to move down there to experience the turd world's concept of "law and order."

U.S. Dollar : Shunned Untouchable

Useful as stove fuel in homeless tent camps, nothing more.

Birdcage liner for birds who aren't too picky.

Al Gore's Globowarmthink Circus : Always Wrong

The reason they "moved beyond the need for debate" is that they have had their ass handed to them in a bag by reality.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Must-Read Article On Yellowstone & 2012

This guy doesn't pussyfoot around like those science noobs with delicate turns of phrase and tactfully ambiguous allusions to what to expect from a supervolcano eruption.

Supervolcanos are the extinction cycle driver. Everybody knows it, even if you can't get a grant to study that fact. If you think nuclear war will be bad, wait until you see a planet recovering from a supervolcano eruption.

Warm blooded squishy mammals have a lot of vulnerabilities in these regards - if they don't build Vaults. The entire article is quotable, so I encourage you to read it for yourself.

Remember, we pass through the galactic plane every 65 million years. The next scheduled pass will be dead center in December 2012. The last time the planet was dead center was called the K-T Boundary extinction event, almost exactly 65 million years ago. Most of the other grand extinction cycles coincide perfectly with this 65 million year interval.

It's the volcanism, stupid. Tell the next idiot you meet that asteroids and meteors have nothing to do with it.

Assemble-A-Pandemic Kits Go Open Source

Imagine if the ability to program customized self-reproducing bacteria becomes as ubiquitous as computer programming.

The gray goo scenario. Or worse. Actually, the gray goo scenario starts to look pretty cheerful compared to what could happen.

Lucky Neanderthals. They only had to worry about being eaten by a sabre-tooth tiger. Look at what we can worry about in the modern era. Puts a whole new aspect on "proliferation."

Decline Begins With Individual Decline In Quality

All governments decline because the quality of the people who live in them declines first.

The men who inhabit a declining civilization have inferior intelligence, inferior character, inferior imagination, inferior drive, inferior judgement and inferior physiology. The politicians and leaders then come to reflect the low calibre of the citizens to whom their inferior message appeals.

The inferior man will always believe that the way to end his fear is to utterly surrender his legacy to authority. This is why all governments are always doomed to decline and collapse.

No matter how vibrant a nation begins or with what great stock in humans it is founded, it will always end the same way because every successful system gives rise to the conditions which will destroy it. The healthy and robust biological stock that is there at the birth of a country will be swamped and outnumbered by fast breeding mouthbreathers who will raise a generation that will isolate their children and their inheritance. Think about the movie PLEASANTVILLE, wherein America makes fun of the people of the 1950's because they were sincere and devoted and they did not have premarital sex. It's like standing on the deck of a sinking ship and laughing out loud at the navy rescue boats attempting to throw you a life preserver.

Nietszche was right. The last man blinks. "Formerly, the whole world was mad," he says and he smiles. He blinks again. It is in fact the last generation that is always insane.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Useful Geometry For Vault Dwellers

If I'd had more instruction like this back in High School I would have actually paid attention.

Once you get this, you will find it incredibly useful for just about anything.

A Layman's Introduction To 2012

No mysticism, UFOs, Planet X or crazy physics that sound made up.

Just the straight story on what is going to happen on December 21, 2012.

That's all you need to conclude you should start digging.

I first read about the alignment with the galactic center back in 1996 and that was on some weird UFO site. It wasn't until I followed the link the author provided to the original NASA article that I realized he had simply reprinted a summary from the orthodoxy. I had to think about it for a long time before it became meaningful. At the moment, it seems very important to prepare with this date in mind. It seems in fact, to be the date to be ready for.

As if all the crap going on in the world didn't provide enough to worry about. Of course, some fringe thinkers have suggested that it is the increasing magnetic field itself which is responsible for the increasingly nutty behaviour of the largely doomed inhabitants of this little blue globe.

Global Warmthink Kult Will Milk The Planet Dry

Here's the problem.

It's imaginary laws to govern imaginary offenses against imaginary ills defined by imaginary science construed to imaginary causes.

Regrettably, these druid a**holes want to be paid in real currency. Beats honest work if you can get it.

I'd have no qualms at all about paying for carbon credits if we could do it with colorful Monopoly money or chicken gizzards and infant blood, as is appropriate.

Ooga Booga Booga! Shake Dat Juju Stick!

Check out the photo at this link of the third world savages who sit on the climate change panel. These people don't even have clean drinking water and reliable flush toilet plumbing in their own train wreck nations and they think they understand climatology.

Did you ever wonder why the head of the U.N. was chosen from the sorriest failed state on the planet in world history? If Kofi Annan had any ideas how to fix other people's problems then why hasn't he fixed his problems at home first so as to set a good example? Koffin' Anus couldn't replace a lightbulb but he knows the best way forward to end world hunger and negotiate world peace? We don't just live in dysgenic nations, we live on a dysgenic planet. The dumbest and most confused specimens of humanity are in the leadership positions. They are fools and whoever follows their advice will fall into a ditch with them. They got no shortage of confidence but unfortunately they have brains like snap frozen chickpeas.

The more people laugh at them, the higher the temperature forecasts go and the shriller their voices get. First it was a 1 degree increase by 2100. Then by 2050. Then 2025. Then a four degree increase in the next 10 years. Now it's 6 degrees immediately.

Hey, here's another prediction. This is a Vault-Co prediction, which means it is about 99% more likely to be proven true than any of the predictions of these Cro-Magnon peoples. Vault-Co predicts that a million people will die from freezing subzero temperatures in the near future for every one person who dies of heatstroke. Let's watch and see, shall we?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yellowstone Bulging At Unprecedented Rate

Now the truth comes out. Took'em a couple of days to phrase it in a way that it would not send people screaming into the streets with their possessions on their backs.

Turns out it is growing more rapidly than anything observed since monitoring began in 1923. They also conceded that ground imaging radar reveals a blob the size of Los Angeles is now pushing it's way up the lava tube like the head on a monster boil. Apparently that's the way it always starts, every cycle.

Whew. Supervolcano eruption followed by global extinction cycle. Whatta relief. I was worried the future was going to be really bad. This is the kind of threat that rolls off us like water off a duck's back at Vault-Co. We're so overprepared for certain kinds of contingencies that news like this comes as a tremendous comfort. Good ole' two decade supervolcano winter. We love it, that's like a vacation stay at Firehold Bravo. Better ramp up those wind generators, told you - the sun could go missing from duty for months at a time after this. Will make Krakatoa look like a girl scout bake sale.
All people of European descent come from less than 7 women ("the daughters of Eve") and a handful of men who survived this event. Nearly everybody else died with the exception of a couple of thousand Vault-Dwellers around the globe. If it came today, a similar outcome is to be expected ... or worse.
Wow, 2012 Mega Solar Maximum should be those interesting times the Chinese are always hoping you live in.

Porno Central Shocked Their Privates Are Falling Off

Yeah, that's counterintuitive. Right.

I think I read in Gibbon (in a very diplomatic style) that the Romans were plagued with social diseases from their open air orgies with all invited. This in fact may have had an impact on their fertility that reduced their overall reproduction rate even further.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

China's New "Cloaked" SuperSubmarine Pops Up Next to The U.S. Kitty Hawk

Another example of what fossilized, mummified outdated wrecks the entire U.S. military believes continue to make it a world superpower. The only world superpowers are Russia and China and they've got the hardware and technology to prove it.

The United States has spent billions fruitlessly researching electronic countermeasures against sonar and radar and the Chinese figured out how to use a simple chemical compound to evade the best equipment that Amerikwa has. That's innovation. That's thinking outside the box. Everything they said that Asians could never do. Well, they've done it.

This approaches a declaration of war by the Chinese. Obviously, all is not so peachy in the globalist consumer world Smurf paradise. This kind of provocation seems to me to be a prelude to a much larger world war with nearly everybody against the Amerikwans.

Will Yellowstone Blow in 2012 At the Solar Maximum?

If it does, it will utterly change the planet into something almost unrecognizable.

Can you imagine if this event coincided with the collapse of La Palma? Or if the entire Ring of Fire springs into life and starts churning high altitude ash out?

This has nothing to do with the world of human events. Try to envisage all of this happening in tandem with a descent into global war. Could you conceive of an unluckier generation than ours?

UPDATE : This article is a little less ambiguous.

Basically it is these kinds of interlocking tangents all converging together that caused us to lose our minds here at Vault-Co ten years ago and start working feverishly and singlemindedly towards one goal. It isn't one thing in isolation or even a single element that particularly inflamed us. It was all of this stuff converging together at some kind of zero point in the immediate future. China rising (Taiwan), oil supply tightening, Russia resurgent, the Coming Global Superstorm and major earth changes all in the next decade? Luckily for ordinary people, they can barely grasp the significance of even one of these issues, much less integrate them all into one bigger perspective in their heads. So you'll never see them panic like us here at Vault-Co. They're like people who live right underneath a dam and never see anything to be alarmed about as little cracks mushroom all over the surface. "Yeah, but they're all just little cracks," they say.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Global Warmthing Is A Pagan Ponzi Scheme

Do you know what the really incredible thing is about all of this?

As the global warming hoax falls to pieces, it is a 99% certainty that all the current symptoms of naturally driven climate change ... rising volcanism below and above the sea, magnetic drift and thermohaline failure ... have been so thoroughly misrepresented that the sheeple will close their eyes altogether. The threat of a new and sudden Ice Age will descend on a civilization lulled into ennui without any sort of preparation or adaptation at all until it is too late.

Humor me, accept that at the very least we are looking at a new Little Ice Age. Could this come at a worse time than during a major escalation in resource conflict? If there was any reason for a nation to take defensive actions it would be that kind of climate change.

People like Al Gore have screamed wolf so often that you can rest assured nobody will even raise the alarm as a pack of them approaches the West. In 2012 we will get a solar maximum like none experienced since written history began. What will happen then? What sort of unforeseen consequences for the entire biosphere? Will La Palma collapse, Yellowstone blow, the Ring of Fire leap into life, the magnetic poles reverse? How did the Mayans know about that year? How did they know that 2012 would coincide with the final mother of all solar maximums followed immediately thereafter by a long period in decades of reduced solar activity? How could they have known that?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Boundless Optimism Of The Hopelessly Doomed

Good selection of quotes clustered around the Great Depression.

Ends with the draconian police state seizure of gold in private hands.

Men have memories not much better than mayflies. They can talk themselves into just about anything when they're clucking away in a big group.

It is obvious right now that our generation is in much, much worse straits than those days. In fact, I would describe them as impossible conditions at the national level. There is always hope for the individual. That's another story. As for the United States as a nation, it has a future about as bright as the Weimar Republic. When I say "bright," I mean time-to-flash and yield ratio.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Last Harvest

John Titor said 2008 would be the year that people everywhere realized they were not living in the world they thought they were living in.

The U.S. dollar is a lot like the Phoenician city of Tyre

Men laughed at the notion that city could ever be breached. When it did fall, everything else in Phoenicia fell with it. Ask the 2,000 elders of Tyre how easy it is to live through the decline and collapse phase of a civilization. Tell them about how it's just a stage-change, like for example, going from being living to being dead.

For Vault-Co, it will just be another year. We are grateful for every spare minute we have to prepare, every reprieve, every instant of easy breathing without the sudden terror that comes upon human beings when they concede they have been living a delusion. We continue to hope for more time.

What is that sound high in the air
Murmur of maternal lamentation
Who are those hooded hordes swarming
Over endless plains, stumbling in cracked earth
Ringed by the flat horizon only

What is the city over the mountains
Cracks and reforms and bursts in the violet air
Falling towers
Jerusalem Athens Alexandria
Vienna London

A woman drew her long black hair out tight
And fiddled whisper music on those strings
And bats with baby faces in the violet light
Whistled, and beat their wings
And crawled head downward down a blackened wall
And upside down in air were towers
Tolling reminiscent bells, that kept the hours
And voices singing out of empty cisterns and exhausted wells.
In this decayed hole among the mountains
In the faint moonlight, the grass is singing
Over the tumbled graves, about the chapel
There is the empty chapel, only the wind's home.
It has no windows, and the door swings,

Dry bones can harm no one.
Only a cock stood on the rooftree
Co co rico co co rico
In a flash of lightning.

Then a damp gust
Bringing rain

Ganga was sunken, and the limp leaves
Waited for rain, while the black clouds
Gathered far distant, over Himavant.
The jungle crouched, humped in silence.
Then spoke the thunder

DADatta: what have we given?
My friend, blood shaking my heart
The awful daring of a moment's surrender
Which an age of prudence can never retract
By this, and this only, we have existed
Which is not to be found in our obituaries
Or in memories draped by the beneficent spider
Or under seals broken by the lean solicitor
In our empty rooms

- Excerpt From THE WASTELAND By T.S. Eliot

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Majority Is Always Wrong. Always.

If there is a majority consensus on anything, I assure you they are wrong. Their consensus proves it.

The majority of mankind are morons. Anything alleged to be self-evident by any group of morons anywhere is being pushed forward as a proposition because morons have a predilection for whatever promotes their own prejudices. Morons cannot think. Morons cannot reason objectively without ego. Ergo, any conclusion they reach is always going to be wrong because it will only be a rationalization pasted on top of their primitive instincts.

The genius of a Democratic Republic is that it encourages the common man to vote for exceptional men - whereas a democracy encourages men to vote for somebody who is usually inferior to them in character and intelligence. Any form of government where the peasants are compelled to vote for aristocrats in spirit and bearing is going to produce leadership for civilizations. Any society where they are encouraged to vote for demagogues and sociopaths who tell them what they want to hear is like feeding dead cows back to their own kin - it's just a sealed toxic feedback loop that ends in national suicide.

The common man knew perfectly well Thomas Jefferson was a man of great genius. They voted for him for that very reason.

Two hundred years later, the common man knew George Bush Jr. was a moron. They voted for him for that very reason.

Subconsciously, most ordinary people are aware that Gore and his planetary squad of marxist whackos are going to destroy their civilization, wreck their society and deliver their children up to famine and death. At some level, that is why they support him. They know what he is. He is what they want in some secret corner of their innermost biology. Fools and dolts for the end to follow, even the lemmings know it when the time comes.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Vault-Co Is The Better Scientific Thinker

Seriously. We're not all that, either. We're still better than these guys however.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, these idiots are stuck on this comet/asteroid thing like a teenager with a chronic masturbation problem. Every piece of evidence is twisted to somehow point to another convenient comet impact at the time they need it. It doesn't matter how far they have to stretch this crappy idea in the face of all contradictory revelations.

Luis Alvarez, Steven J. Gould, Carl Sagan and other professional frauds ruined careers and drove anybody who opposed their vaudeville comet theory out of tenure all over the country.

What was the basis of their scientific "proof?" It all came down to this iridium and now, helium-3 traces in these thick black layers.

Incidentally, these are exactly the kinds of concentrated elements found in volcanic fallout. Do you think they'd be willing to use Occam's Razor? In spite of the fact that volcanic outfalls coincide perfectly with these "sudden winter" time frames? Of course not! That would make too much sense!

How about this. Earth's climate is a series of rapid, overnight flip-flops between extremes in which the interglacial is an abnormally warm period, an interval in the midst of vast cyclic stretches of cold.

The magnetic cycles of the Sun are the beginning and end causes of all these climate shifts. They cause active volcanism which in turns heats the Earth's oceans and deposits ash high in the atmosphere blocking out sunlight.

Notice the morons above are still insisting "wildfires" can deposit a two-inch thick mat over the entire planet of carbon ash. Wrong answer. The Deccan Traps in India can do that. Wildfires can't. A volcano can eject material at escape velocity into the stratosphere. A wildfire can put ash fifty miles downwind. Not around the entire globe.

Of course, if we were to admit this out loud, it would mean the neocons would have to concede they are just tiny powerless apes helpless to control the cyclic nature of climate. That would kill the global warming scam. That would mean they would have to get real day jobs. See how this is all tied together? Ever wonder why they fight so hard to keep that comet theory crapola alive in people's minds? They are scared of a cascade of understanding sweeping the human race, pushing them right out of the catbird seat explaining to us all what it means. If climate and not comets are responsible for the extinction cycle, then they will probably end up selling pencils outside of a bus station. That's the end of their free ride as "scienmajists" and sheeeit.

Pakistan Lurches Into Darkness

How soon before the rise of the nuclear-armed Radical Islamic Superstate?

Will the radicals then shove the invaders out of Iraq? Perhaps with the help of Turkey?

Pakistan will inject Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon with tech. If they go to the Islamic Dinar and off U.S. currency for petro-dollars, that's it for the United States. They won't have to launch a nuke to first bring the country to it's knees. Once on their knees, that's when the coup de grace courtesy of the atom will come.

Vault-Co prediction : China will be greatly emboldened by this alteration in the political climate. Everybody will know itz coming when Paki falls.

Have you ever been in the middle of a chess game when suddenly your opponent announces checkmate - and you realize you lost this game ten moves back without seeing it at the time? That is what is happening to Amerikwa now. Pakistan is like a Knight and two Bishops. It's not something that seems utterly fatal at once ... only later when you get a chance to reflect.

Armageddon Signpost Checked Off

Musharraf bugs out in the crackdown you knew was coming

Pakistan going radical fundie and Musharraf knows itz coming

These guys hold the keys to the nuclear kingdom for the Middle East

When the Paks go whack you can't go back

They've got nuke-launchin' submarines that can hurt the West where it don't grow back

Desperate measures to shut down dissent by Musharraf

The problem is, the dog doesn't like that dogfood. It's not the label on the can or the bowl it is served in. The dog doesn't like that dogfood. Pakis don't want Western style government, by Musharraf or anybody else. Pakistan will fall into the hands of radical Islam and once they got all those toys the entire Middle East will get fully stocked with nukes.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Everything's Peachy - Now Pardon Me While I Kiss The Sky

It's all just one victory after another on America's triumphant march towards the globalist paradise. Just try to shut out the screams of various financiers as they plunge from the heights and rain down like hailstones all around you, 1929-style.

Everything is good, you see. It's all for the best in this best of all possible worlds.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Atheism For Idiots

I'm not being melodramatic or exaggerating when I say the new atheism, which has swept the world in the past two years, is so banal and so depressing that I cannot bring myself to talk about it much. I'm not kidding.

It's embarrassingly adolescent to hear intellectual lightweights coughing up crude rehashed bits of Nietzsche and Russell so awkwardly and without even realizing they are repeating well-trod arguments.

When I was an atheist for 16 years, I'm serious when I say I was a really good one. Like Theodore Dalrymple, whom I read religiously.

Modern people, whether religious or not, are really stupid. When they stomp their feet and say, "Oh yeah? What's so stupid about what I'm saying?" it is hard to even look them in the eyes. They're really, really dumb. I'm speaking both of Krisschans and their mirror image jackass counterparts over on the other side, like Christopher Hitchens. They're all vulgar, greasy, heavyhanded, unpleasant and so lacking in virtues of any flavor that I cannot imagine God giving a whit for their fate one way or the other. Hitchens is so comically depraved and rotten that his mere photographic image speaks volumes about what kind of man his is. Perpetually bloodshot, looking eternally dissheveled from what must be the longest running drunken bender in world history, you can practically smell the cheap aftershave no matter what network this talking head appears on. Atheists, feel free to keep this guy. We wouldn't want him anyway. God has given up Christopher Hitchens to a reprobate mind. What he thinks, just doesn't matter one way or the other anymore.

Read the article above, it's pretty good. I could add a few important points to it ... but honestly, even discussing it makes me feel tired and somewhat sullied. The worst part of all is when the atheists get around to admitting they are not familiar with Kierkegaarde or Nietszche and then they insist with the true zeal that only a radical fanatic can display, it doesn't matter. They still plan to decapitate people caught with rosary beads and put children into government re-education camps to avoid them being traumatized by that religion. You know the one.

It's sick. It's weird and it's spooky. Not even druids got this nutty. Nearly all atheists have got that rheumy ninety mile gaze nowadays. They are creepy as hell. Their lips crack showing rotten teeth when they smile and then they promise us like the Bolshevists how much better it's going to be when they get done improving us all by appealing to "man's better nature."

Wow this planet has gone off the deep end in the past decade. It's a gigantic madhouse from one end to the other.