Sunday, November 18, 2007

In 2008, The U.S. Dollar Will Collapse

You heard it here first. There's going to be a run on the banks. There's going to be absolute panic. There will be riots, martial law and tanks in the streets in the fall of 2008. Babies, the other white meat. ZOGBux burned for heat in makeshift steel drums in tent camps.

Mind you, this is the upbeat feelgood hit of the summer scenario.

Let's watch and see if Vault-Co got this one correct.


Anonymous said...

"You heard it here first"

Wrong! People have predicting the current crisis for years.

Texas Arcane said...

... but mostly everyone would say this prediction is too extreme and too early. Certainly not by end of 2008.

Anonymous said...

The analysts at beat ya' to it, Tex. 2008 was their pick since 2001.