Sunday, November 18, 2007

Globo-Warmthink : The Congenitally Blind Leading The Hopelessly Doomed

First of all, note that this is the first mainstream mention of an apocalyptic phenomenon that Vault-Co wrote about in depth at least six years ago. For a while there it seemed like we were the only blog on Earth that was aware the oceans had converted into an anaerobic acid bath that had left only jellyfish thriving. The more we discussed it the more the mainstream media avoided the subject, preferring to speak ambiguously about "the crisis in the oceans" and "depletion of fish stocks," without really declaring any conclusions.

Secondly, there is no mention of volcanism in this article. That doesn't fit into the Oprah Winfrey world view, where humans farting and thinking negatively changes cloud cover and mean global temperatures. Volcanos are big and scary and part of adult land, that place over the rainbow where big people have to stop masturbating long enough to pay bills and go to work. Volcanos are not permitted in consumer unit shopping mall world and are banned from mention.

Finally ... and many of you knew this was coming when you began to read this article ... this is part of the classic extinction cycle. Every extinction cycle begins with the acidification of the oceans. It's the first symptom of flood basalt events, where superheated lava pours into the oceans from cracks in the floor near the edges of plates and in other stress points. First the life will die in the seas (approaching completion) and then it will begin on land. Here's another site that just recently noticed six years after we did although of course they blame it on fun fantasy chemistry with CO2 "dissolving" into the oceans. Hey, if it's so easy to keep waters carbonated how come my coca-cola is flat after twenty minutes of sitting open? Can't some of that CO2 "just dissolve" back into it from the air? No? Why not?!?

P.S. Stay off Wikipedia. It's some of the worst political propaganda I have ever seen. Moderators there have been editing the posts for years and censoring competing views.


Anonymous said...

Great article about intelligence, head size and race; it does not go as far as you do, but it's a start!


Anonymous said...

I explain this all the time Tex but people don't listen. Warmer oceans release CO2 not the other way around. You don't heat a swimming pool by blowing smoke over top of it and you can't force bubbles back into the water of a pepsi can.

Youre right nowadays everybody is too stupid to know, to care and to think. They just want albert to do there thinking for them.

Anonymous said...

People who see global warming as a hoax are usually part of the denial machine that argues that (a) global warming either does not exist or caused naturally, which means (b) go on polluting. That denial machine is funded by the same Amerikwa. That is, why, not surprisingly, denial that the U.S. is in trouble go hand-in-hand with denial that global warming is taking place.

See how the same argument takes place here: since it's all part of some "natural" and "classic" cycle, then we can't do anything to stop it. In which case, let's just go on depleting resources and pollute. What is there to explain or to think about?

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who said we are depleting resources and polluting, we are not depleting resources, we are chaning a resource from a less useful form, ie iron-ore, into something more useful for human kind. The only way to deplete resources is to shoot them into space. CO2 is not a pollutant, it is a basic building block of life.

fallout11 said...

Too bad it's not particularly healthy for humans, though.
Go down in a pit or enclosed space and discharge a CO2 fire extinguisher for a brief, but instructional lesson.