Friday, November 9, 2007

Global Warmthing Is A Pagan Ponzi Scheme

Do you know what the really incredible thing is about all of this?

As the global warming hoax falls to pieces, it is a 99% certainty that all the current symptoms of naturally driven climate change ... rising volcanism below and above the sea, magnetic drift and thermohaline failure ... have been so thoroughly misrepresented that the sheeple will close their eyes altogether. The threat of a new and sudden Ice Age will descend on a civilization lulled into ennui without any sort of preparation or adaptation at all until it is too late.

Humor me, accept that at the very least we are looking at a new Little Ice Age. Could this come at a worse time than during a major escalation in resource conflict? If there was any reason for a nation to take defensive actions it would be that kind of climate change.

People like Al Gore have screamed wolf so often that you can rest assured nobody will even raise the alarm as a pack of them approaches the West. In 2012 we will get a solar maximum like none experienced since written history began. What will happen then? What sort of unforeseen consequences for the entire biosphere? Will La Palma collapse, Yellowstone blow, the Ring of Fire leap into life, the magnetic poles reverse? How did the Mayans know about that year? How did they know that 2012 would coincide with the final mother of all solar maximums followed immediately thereafter by a long period in decades of reduced solar activity? How could they have known that?


Anonymous said...

Mayans? Why always with the mayan calendar. Hasnt it dawned on anybody that the reason their calendar ends at 2012 because they just decided to stop there for now? And not becaus eof some apocalyptic prophesy?


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Ever heard of tinyurl guys?