Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Annual Diversity Carnival Begins In France

The gift that keeps on giving. Forever.

High speed motorcycle powered enrichers have encounter with mass. It's all the fault of whitey.

Carnival in pictures.

Western man is stupid.

Let'em burn. The Phoenix principle says dead wood has to go into the furnace in order to clear the forest for new growth. Anybody dumb enough to keep whistling the multikult catechism at this point belongs on top of the fire. They don't need to be educated. They are incapable of learning. So lock up the fire extinguisher, sit back and watch 2000 years of Western civilization go up in ashes. I reckon there'd be no need for Vault-Co if the whole world wasn't so damn stupid.

Take a good look at their paradigm for the world. Is it predictive? Or is ours? Who guessed at all of this in advance? Could we do that if our model of reality was farther from the truth? Or would it have already proven itself to be the accurate one and the gibberish on the televitz all so much delusion and schizophrenic madness?

The French are supposed to be swaying hand in hand like the old Coca-Cola commercial by now. Is that happening? No? Did somebody lie to you? Was it Vault-Co that lied?

Think about it. Make up your own mind. This one is your call.

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