Sunday, November 25, 2007

Don't Fear The Reaper

There is nothing worse than a badly administered civil defense program unless it is no civil defense at all.

Radiation is not a supernatural force. Even the neutron bomb can be shielded against. Radiation can't penetrate rock and overhead cover. Even in the worst scenario, a little radiation ain't gonna kill you. It's a lot of unrelenting radiation that finishes you off.

Teaching people to simply reconcile themselves to the fact they will die from the bomb is nothing less than criminal stupidity in government officials. It's the blind leading the deaf and dumb.

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Chesterton said...

One of the things most people fail to realize is that a solid civil defense program is in some ways an even better deterrent against attack than a huge nuclear arsenal, especially given the cost difference between the two.

Look at Switzerland for example. They've got no nuclear weapons but half of the country is underground - would any world leader even waste nukes on that place? You could use a nuke to kill a million plus in England, for example, or you could use a nuke to kill...a dozen people and a few stray cats in Switzerland. Why even bother?

After a nuclear exchange, Russia and China would probably send in ground troops to take over the resources of Europe, America, Australia, etc., but I'm willing to bet they'll skip right over Switzerland, lest they incur heavy losses for minimal gain. The rest of the countries around the world would be a cakewalk, however.