Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Classic ZOG Agitprop From Ministry Of Truth

You have to read this piece from Andrew Cohen. You gotta give it to the guy. This is over-the-top moxie masquerading as journalism. It's almost a caricature from Der Sturmer. Remember this is exactly what Weimar Germany was like in the late 1920's. Exactly.

This could literally have come from the pen of Orwell or another science fiction writer in a novel about a totalitarian society.

The Bill of Rights, according to the people who wrote it, was not a list of rights permitted to people to retain. It was a list of rights the government would never be able to abridge, subtract, or amend - with the assumption that anybody who tried to do so would be a tyrant.

The right to bear arms is over 1200 years old going back to the Scottish Declaration of Rights. The only critters that don't belong in this picture are guys like Andrew Cohen and others who are simply not compatible with free republics. Rather than modify the government, they need to move on to other pastures. They have worn out their welcome. Mark my words, just as in 1920's Weimar Germany this is going to lead to very, very bad things.

If the Supreme Court declares the Second Amendment is other than what it says it is and all of the Founding Fathers repeatedly said in print it is and exactly what it sounds like ... you will be looking at civil war in America 100% in 2008. I guarantee it.

I've heard that the NWO is worried it is running behind schedule for the planned integration of the North American Union, originally scheduled in 2010 - and they are hurriedly rushing the final stages into place in many different countries for this reason.

John Titor was right. 2008 is the year that everybody finds out they weren't living in the world they thought they were living in. According to Titor, Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States, with the help of Diebold Voting Machines. America will be fighting an increasingly ugly civil war in addition to several external wars and will be ripped apart by the ZOG machine during this time. Russia will bring an end to it all in 2015 with global thermonuclear war. I hope John was telling the truth and we really do have 7 years left to prepare. I'm not counting on it, personally. As John pointed out, there are an infinite number of universes and possibilities. I wouldn't be shocked if it starts in the next fifteen minutes.

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Bad Dad said...

Just moved outside the thirty mile radius of Jacksonville. Between the garden and the "downstairs" digging at least 3 days a week.
We'll set out an extra plate and a couple of 12 ga. rounds just in case he shows.