Sunday, November 11, 2007

China's New "Cloaked" SuperSubmarine Pops Up Next to The U.S. Kitty Hawk

Another example of what fossilized, mummified outdated wrecks the entire U.S. military believes continue to make it a world superpower. The only world superpowers are Russia and China and they've got the hardware and technology to prove it.

The United States has spent billions fruitlessly researching electronic countermeasures against sonar and radar and the Chinese figured out how to use a simple chemical compound to evade the best equipment that Amerikwa has. That's innovation. That's thinking outside the box. Everything they said that Asians could never do. Well, they've done it.

This approaches a declaration of war by the Chinese. Obviously, all is not so peachy in the globalist consumer world Smurf paradise. This kind of provocation seems to me to be a prelude to a much larger world war with nearly everybody against the Amerikwans.


Anonymous said...

You might want to add this little gem to your news links.

Rzero said...

Amerikwa is fucked.


Anonymous said...

The polite chinese way of saying " We got your number"

Day zero is 08/08/08

The following 3 years will really suck big-time!
pack your ammo and your grub!

Anonymous said...

New Chinese technology trumps America... Random thought:

It's well documented that Israel has provided military technology to China in the past, which of course originated from America.

If irony were strawberries, we'd all be drinking a shitload of smoothies right about now.