Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Boundless Optimism Of The Hopelessly Doomed

Good selection of quotes clustered around the Great Depression.

Ends with the draconian police state seizure of gold in private hands.

Men have memories not much better than mayflies. They can talk themselves into just about anything when they're clucking away in a big group.

It is obvious right now that our generation is in much, much worse straits than those days. In fact, I would describe them as impossible conditions at the national level. There is always hope for the individual. That's another story. As for the United States as a nation, it has a future about as bright as the Weimar Republic. When I say "bright," I mean time-to-flash and yield ratio.

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AUSSIE said...


I take my hat off!! Continue to educate us by sticking it to the fukkers!!