Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Australia Backed The Wrong Horse In This Race

We should have been friendly, neutral and oriented towards an Asian-Pacific union instead of off in the desert supporting the world's biggest losers in their campaign to exterminate the people of the Middle East for moving-while-Muslim. All of that was a political dead end for the people of Australia and easily one of the dumbest moves by John Howard's administration.

It looks like these communist bastards in the Labor Party are getting ready to sweep the elections here in Australia and there is a huge upside to all of this in that Labor has always favored social welfare schemes and a generally benevolent non-interventionist military. Both parties are natural born failures but maybe the Labor party will be able to weasel their way into China's good graces again so we can get on this huge emerging gravy train for the Pacific region. It's possible that China will begin talking to us again if Howard is sent to the knackers and a new leadership knows how to approach them diplomatically.

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