Friday, November 2, 2007

Atheism For Idiots

I'm not being melodramatic or exaggerating when I say the new atheism, which has swept the world in the past two years, is so banal and so depressing that I cannot bring myself to talk about it much. I'm not kidding.

It's embarrassingly adolescent to hear intellectual lightweights coughing up crude rehashed bits of Nietzsche and Russell so awkwardly and without even realizing they are repeating well-trod arguments.

When I was an atheist for 16 years, I'm serious when I say I was a really good one. Like Theodore Dalrymple, whom I read religiously.

Modern people, whether religious or not, are really stupid. When they stomp their feet and say, "Oh yeah? What's so stupid about what I'm saying?" it is hard to even look them in the eyes. They're really, really dumb. I'm speaking both of Krisschans and their mirror image jackass counterparts over on the other side, like Christopher Hitchens. They're all vulgar, greasy, heavyhanded, unpleasant and so lacking in virtues of any flavor that I cannot imagine God giving a whit for their fate one way or the other. Hitchens is so comically depraved and rotten that his mere photographic image speaks volumes about what kind of man his is. Perpetually bloodshot, looking eternally dissheveled from what must be the longest running drunken bender in world history, you can practically smell the cheap aftershave no matter what network this talking head appears on. Atheists, feel free to keep this guy. We wouldn't want him anyway. God has given up Christopher Hitchens to a reprobate mind. What he thinks, just doesn't matter one way or the other anymore.

Read the article above, it's pretty good. I could add a few important points to it ... but honestly, even discussing it makes me feel tired and somewhat sullied. The worst part of all is when the atheists get around to admitting they are not familiar with Kierkegaarde or Nietszche and then they insist with the true zeal that only a radical fanatic can display, it doesn't matter. They still plan to decapitate people caught with rosary beads and put children into government re-education camps to avoid them being traumatized by that religion. You know the one.

It's sick. It's weird and it's spooky. Not even druids got this nutty. Nearly all atheists have got that rheumy ninety mile gaze nowadays. They are creepy as hell. Their lips crack showing rotten teeth when they smile and then they promise us like the Bolshevists how much better it's going to be when they get done improving us all by appealing to "man's better nature."

Wow this planet has gone off the deep end in the past decade. It's a gigantic madhouse from one end to the other.


Anonymous said...

There's no god Vault-co.

Every moment you spend praying is nothing but lost time.

I have read the bible. It contained neither truth nor inspiration. Same goes for the torah and the koran.


Texas Arcane said...

So you'll win by losing. IF you die and there's no God, you win. By dying. Why you'd want to win an argument like this, I dunno, since all you have to look forward to is losing.

Of course, you also lose by losing. If you die and there is a God then you've also lost.

Either way it seems you lose.

With only this end to look forward to, where would you get the drive to survive at all? When I was an atheist I truly didn't care about anything any more. I proved it too. I didn't even care about not caring there for a little while.

Then I took that leap. It seems like I win by winning ... and I also win even if I lose. Either way I'm a winner, whereas for sixteen years I was proud of looking forward to losing.

Anonymous said...

Sounds more like you were a nihilist and not an atheist.

"With only this end to look forward to, where would you get the drive to survive at all?"

First why the heck would I look forward to death? There's NOTHING after death, making LIFE that much more meaningful. That's my drive for survival. Life is precious and when its over, its over.

Also I am not worried that I'll be judged by some mythical sky father. To this day there has been zero proof that god exists.

Also, what proof do you have that of all the religions on earth that your faith is right? Maybe god is a muslim. Or a she :)

To quote Rowan Atkinson; "Sorry, turns out the jews were right".

( )


Anonymous said...

Rowan Aktinson also did that skit saying the Mormons were right. Jews/Mormons means nothing from a comedian anyway.