Sunday, November 4, 2007

Armageddon Signpost Checked Off

Musharraf bugs out in the crackdown you knew was coming

Pakistan going radical fundie and Musharraf knows itz coming

These guys hold the keys to the nuclear kingdom for the Middle East

When the Paks go whack you can't go back

They've got nuke-launchin' submarines that can hurt the West where it don't grow back

Desperate measures to shut down dissent by Musharraf

The problem is, the dog doesn't like that dogfood. It's not the label on the can or the bowl it is served in. The dog doesn't like that dogfood. Pakis don't want Western style government, by Musharraf or anybody else. Pakistan will fall into the hands of radical Islam and once they got all those toys the entire Middle East will get fully stocked with nukes.


Anonymous said...

This is definately a situation to keep an eye on. Let's not forget that Pakistan also borders Iran, adding some extra volatitlity to an already explosivie mix.


Anonymous said...

Just another nail in the western coffin.
and you nailed it in one

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