Saturday, November 17, 2007

Amerikwa : Just Another Trashy Third World Hellhole

I was reading about Latin America's police force the other day in a lengthy article that portrayed them as "police," in name only. The local "policeman" in Latin America is actually just a figurehead and public spokesman for the unholy combined regime of the government and organized crime.

There is no concept of "private property" in Latin America. Everything you have is really merely "permitted" to you to manage but can be seized, searched and stolen by any authority figure whenever they want. The notion of mere common people having any right to privacy or dignity in their person that cannot be transgressed is largely a European prejudice. The police aren't really "police" in the third world. They can do whatever they want once they have a badge and their only real restraint is not to overstep the bounds set by their local crime lord.

Those few Americans who read the news a couple years back that more than half the cars driven by the "police" in Mexico were stolen from the United States, took offense at the notion that the "police" could be the biggest lawbreakers of them all in the community.

No worry, because the third world has come to them. They don't need to move down there to experience the turd world's concept of "law and order."


Anonymous said...

"City program depends on parental consent"

You're so desperate insult America your not evening reading the articles you post!

Texas Arcane said...

More proof of what I was saying.

Police don't go inside private homes without warrants in free nations. It doesn't matter if they get "parental consent" whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.

You can talk anybody with an average IQ of 86 to give you "consent" any time you want, the same way you would a retarded child.