Monday, November 26, 2007

America Has Come To It's End

Nyquist tells everybody else what we've been telling you at Vault-Co for a long time.

Where Amerikwa is going, there ain't no coming back. "The Panic of 2008."

If you've been reading Vault-Co for a while you've probably figured out why so many people with Aspergers autism display Cassandra Complex.

It's because we can see the future but nobody can comprehend what we are talking about until it arrives. It sounds like gibberish until it gets here and people go ... "Oh right, that's what you were talking about. I see now." Too little, too late.

Amerikwans know that widespread civil unrest is coming.

The tragedy of Aspergers is that because of the nature of the human mind, nobody is harder to understand than the honest man who speaks in plain language. That alone might be too weird to accept but it's true. Nobody is more obscure than the guy who is almost incapable of guile. There are hundreds of thousands of years of guile embedded biologically in the way that the human brain functions. People expect guile when others are talking and demand that others practice the courtesy of accepting their guile when they speak. If somebody talks without guile, he will find almost no audience amongst mankind. It's like he was trying to communicate at a higher pitched frequency than the normal human ear can hear.

If oil is expensive now, how will the United States compete with it's trash currency?

I was working on a software project recently with another developer who clearly had Asperger's. He was younger than me and had not yet achieved the acceptance needed to avoid limitless frustration. All I could do was laugh when he tried to explain it to the neurotypicals ... The design and architecture is junk. It makes no coherent sense. There is no way the project can succeed because there is no solution to the problem, only a consensus that we should not adapt our approach. He might as well have been trying to teach chimpanzees to program in COBOL. Finally the Project Leader told him with a puzzled air, "What you're trying to say is that you want more money, then, right?"

You cannot solve a problem if you cannot correctly identify what the problem is. Civilizations fail not because they choose the wrong solutions, rather they lose the ability to even recognize what their problems are.


Anonymous said...

Actually, GW skepticism is part of not recognizing what one's problems are. That is why it is funded through the denial machine.

Texas Arcane said...

People who use nonsense catchphrases like "denier" and "denial machine" are as scary as Dark Age inquisitors.