Tuesday, November 20, 2007

2008 & Beyond : The War Years

For what cause?

Any cause heralds the good war! Since when do human beings need a good reason to do anything?

From here on out, we expect it is simply going to deteriorate until the vicious end comes in a terrible global thermonuclear war. Not a Herman Kahn civil exchange of first strikes followed by an immediate armistice, mind you but a real nuclear war, where all participants fire until exhausted or dead using the worst weapons they have in their arsenals.

Vault-Co is founded on three fundamental assumptions :

1. Mankind in the large is incurably insane. Individuals can manifest sanity, groups cannot.

2. Those who live by the sword also die by the sword. People who brandish a hammer think every problem is a nail sticking up. Mankind will do what comes naturally, which means unrestricted warfare.

3. The meek really will inherit the Earth. The best place to wait this era out is behind a Vault door underneath at least a couple meters of crushed rock.

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