Wednesday, October 31, 2007

World War III Looms Large

To those unfamiliar with the Vault-Co premise, all this escalation would come as a complete surprise. As recently as last year, Russia was still that former Soviet nation "over there" too broke to assert itself anywhere.

Of course, that sheeple mass meme was wrong then. It was wrong ten years ago, as well. In fact, one generalization you could make about the sheeple is that they are always wrong about everything and when it becomes obvious they are still wrong in that they are not bright enough to concede the point they turned out to be wrong about.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Everything the sheeple tell each other is wrong and everything they repeat back from the televitz is wrong, too. The divergence between reality and the world of the sheeple is now far in excess of what is usually sufficient to get an individual involuntarily committed to an institution.

"Conventional Wisdom" Is The Opposite of Reality, The Best MindF**k Money Can Buy

To paraphrase J.R. Nyquist, nature punishes the confused with death. History bears witness to this fact. Most of Western civilization is completely off with the fairies right now and will likely trade one strong delusion for another in the near future. However, they still won't awaken from their terrible slumber, I guarantee you.

The hegemons must consolidate their empires in order to enter the Resource Wars proper

All not for, will be against. Vault-Co says there is no such thing as limited nuclear war. All nuclear war in the current era will prove to be a Hobbesian War of All Against All. There are unlikely to be any sideliners, backbenchers or neutrality permitted to any nation during WW3. Join us or die with the enemy. It's the battle cry of the very near future.

Putin's New Doctrine ... An Attack On Iran Will Be Regarded As An Attack On Russia

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