Monday, October 22, 2007

World Economy Redlining on ZOGBux Junk Currency

The jig is up for the Fed's funny munny space cadet zero sum economics ... Panic plunge worldwide - the gods of the copybooks return - reality sets in ... Tacit admission that globalism is centralization, not decentralization of risk ... Parallels to 1929 apparent everywhere

... except the majority of people in 1929 could revert to agrarian farming lifestyles and live in tighter family units. In 2008, it's babies ... the other white meat.

At a perfect time, "free trade" rules (communism) have so skewed national economies that food has been cheaper to ship from around the world than down the street. That means there are no family farms down the block where you can go rustle up some chow like in 1929.

In fact, climate change is causing the entire agribusiness food chain to spiral into the ultimate death match cage.

Notice the timing of it all? Okay, sure maybe climate change couldn't be predicted as part of a natural cycle but what about so much of the rest of it? Ever wonder if it's all not a coincidence? Or even if it is, the usual suspects see it as an opportunity?

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