Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Why Ron Paul Will Not Be Permitted The Nomination

Our rulers will see to it.

Any choice but this guy is okay with them, because they own all the other candidates. This is the only guy they did not groom, fund and sponsor for the job.

Edwards, the outsider? I don't think so. A very short lease on this guy.

Obama? A tan man shabbas goy from the cradle. The guy has campaigned more to Israelis than to Americans.

Ron Paul will never be allowed to get within a block of Capital Hill. They might be bringing the Kennedy sharpshooters out of retirement for this guy.

What is really worrying them is even the dumbest leftists and other useful idiots in America are starting to figure out what is going on. Even the slowest Amerikwans are beginning to understand why the Founding Fathers declared certain rights to be inalienable. If it keeps going the way it is they will have to do everything by force and they don't want to start that immediately, they had plans to keep using incrementalism.

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Patrick said...

Hey Tex! Unalienable rights. Not inalienable. The founding fathers were fully aware of their english and knew which form of the word could stand without being altered and which couldn't.