Monday, October 29, 2007

Too Weird For Words - U.S. Failed Attempt To Assassinate Putin?

I know it's from the Sorcha Faal site. Okay, let's not discredit information based on where it came from. Let's see if she can back this up. It turns out she can.

Follow this woman's links. I can't believe I heard nothing of any kind about this incident in the mainstream media. Not even a cover story. Accidental firing of a Patriot Missile which then "mysteriously" exploded before it hit Iran? What in the hell is that all about? Follow her links - this really happened. For some reason, not a peep about something which very clearly could have started World War III this month.

If the international environment is getting so crazy that the U.S. was the conspirator in the now-revealed plan to assassinate Putin, then this planet has absolutely gone off the deep rails, Vault-Dwellers. It's truly gone pear shaped around these parts. It must be a million times nuttier behind the scenes than anybody is letting on.

I go to "WhatDoesItMean" to get the unprintable news you won't hear anywhere else. It's like the new "Rense." I take Sorcha Faal with a grain of salt and her conclusions are definitely nearly as crazy as the news she reports on. You'll get a great sampling of current insider news off her site, however.


Anonymous said...

Freaking Hell Tex. That was the scariest thing I've read in a long time. Somewhat like yourself I take reports on the web with a grain of salt because any idiot can publish a web page. But still this report gave me a right chill. I'm off to buy some more prep's.

Texas Arcane said...

A lot of news you hear nowadays like this (i.e. Missing Nukes story) is obviously a cover story for something else altogether. Whatever that something else is it is so bad that the mainstream media won't even speculate and instead they just regurgitate the White House press release.

Anonymous said...

No sources are cited in the article to back up the more dubious claims. Those sources that are cited lend no support to the claims made in the ... I can't really call it an article ... column.

Anonymous said...

Sorcha Faal reminds me of Tokyo Rose. A few bits of news to leaven healthy doses of propaganda and misinformation, delivered with a tone of sincere helpfulness. Whoever is behind that site, they're no friend of the West, and their motivation appears to be the sowing of fear, uncertainty and doubt.