Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Texas Arcane Killed In Mysterious Monster Truck Smash

Yesterday an unknown person or persons ran over Texas Arcane as he was parked at a traffic light in a colossal monster truck with flames painted over the rims. Police have been unable to apprehend the driver as he fled at the scene.

Officers responding described it as "the worst traffic accident I have ever seen. This guy Texas Arcane had to be scooped into a bucket to get him out of the car, which had been crushed to the heighth of a shoebox."

Funeral services for Arcane will be held on Friday at Eternal Rest in Brisbane with a closed casket filled with foodsafe garbage bags of Arcane's remains.

Vault-Co will observe 24 hours of silence in remembrance of frequent correspondent Arcane and we hope that whoever perpetrated this crime will be caught or come forward.


Anonymous said...

This post is about 1000 times stranger than the one about a possible Government plot to stage a fake alien invasion. Is faking one's own death the latest craze in the survivalist community?

Anonymous said...

What? No more Vault-Co?

Damn NWO monster truck drivers!


Patrick said...

Whut ya tryin' tuh tell us , Tex?

Texas Arcane said...

A friend left a comment he was going to run me over at a parking stop with his monster truck.


Nuclear Powered Games said...

That funeral home must have buried a coffin full of freeze-dried chicken giblets he'd just bought to stock up his underground lair, because it looks like the happy-go-lucky fool has somehow managed to clamber out of the wreckage unharmed. No matter. I have a whole smorgasboard of righteous indignation cooked up, and I'm not afraid to put it on the menu.

Anonymous said...

I saw the original comment, and I laughed at this post.