Monday, October 22, 2007

Ten Years Later, Mainstream Press Prints Vault-Co Premise

Golly, has anybody considered that resource conflicts and scarcity could provoke nations to war? Do tell! You don't say.

We figured it out a decade ago and spelled it out in black and white.

You read human history, you'll notice everytime there is scarcity it is solved by war. It's a natural commandment built into the biology of mankind. When times get tough, people go crazy rabid and start killing. Thinking has nothing to do with it. If 1% of the population could change their own behavior through conscious reasoning, this entire planet would look fundamentally different from the way it does now. People talk a good game but they don't do too much of that thinking stuff. Everybody knows it is for nerds who live with their parents. Real men don't think, they don't burrow into Vaults and they don't plan ahead. They just scream in surprise and die when the blast wave hits them. It's in their nature.

Don't waste your breath on counterarguments. I work in the IT industry, man. Trust me, 99.9% of all human beings are totally incapable of abstract reasoning of any kind.

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