Monday, October 15, 2007

Stage II : Attempt to Brand Ron Paul An "Extremist"

Oy, says the ADL! Could cut into the money, you see! The bleeding of the goy must not be interrupted. Revenues must not be curtailed.

Who does the ADL brand an "extremist?" Anybody who tries to undo their radical Bolshevist political transformation of America since 1955. Ron Paul, because he would be the democratic choice for President of the United States in 2008 if they did not intend to kill him soon.

Not so easy to play defense, is it, Abe? Better at the culture of critique. A whole 'nuther ballgame once you occupy the institutions. Anybody notice that they claimed protection under America's freedoms until they got into the power positions, then immediately shifted gears and have tried to eliminate them? They are without principles and respect for the rights of others, therefore incompatible with democratic republics. The only principle they respect is whatever is good for them in the short term.

It doesn't occur to them that precisely the same moves in Weimar Germany destroyed the rule of law and paved the way for Hitler to rise to power. They repeat themselves endlessly. They've been inside 200+ bars in the past 2000 years and every time they get kicked out with a bloody nose, it's all the fault of those people inside the bar. Sure, that's what it is. It's their fault. A man with a repeating pattern in his life is the source of that pattern, not the "others." I've seen it a million times. There are men who are punished for their virtues. It does happen. These guys are not those men, trust me. It's not their virtues they are punished for.

They will kill Ron Paul before they will let him oust the traitors in the Capitol

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