Saturday, October 13, 2007

Stage 2 Begins Against Ron Paul

Rupert Murdoch is the hub of the media monster worldwide. If he has started in, you can bet they are telling Mossad to prepare the final option in case this one doesn't work.

It's nearly impossible to smear Ron Paul. That's why his life is in serious danger.

Check out the resort to the "expert" for a "scientific" opinion. How stupid are people? I've never heard the term "astroturfing" before, ever. I suspect it was invented for this hit piece.

Prison Planet points out the flaws in this story. Who has the resources to fake news - Ron Paul's amateur office admins or the worldwide Dr. Evil style supermegaplex 24/7 mass media under Rupert Murdoch with billions and billions and billions of dollars? Talk about chutzpah.

CNBC says the Earth is flat and they don't give a damn to look through Galileo's telescope, they already know what they know and any evidence to the contrary will be eliminated.

I hate to sound so cynical but honestly fellas, I been around for a while. This ain't the happy Jimmy Stewart universe where the little honest guy triumphs to restore the Republic. This is the ugly horrible universe where Biff Tannen get's the Gray's Sport Almanac, shoots Marty's father and forces his mother to become his personal whore. The only people who are still dopey enough to think voting counts for anything are the ones putting their own money into the Ron Paul campaign. I love these people but I also pity them. I love Ron Paul but gosh, do you really believe this will be allowed to go on much longer? We don't here at Vault-Co. If Ron Paul retires from the race now he can save himself a lethal injection in some hotel room a couple weeks from now when it becomes obvious his support is so colossal it can no longer be ignored.

If you don't think these sorts of things happen, why bless your little heart. It's a shame you don't know the way the real world works. These people are horrible beyond comprehension and murder anyone who would dare to seriously oppose them. Ron Paul is going to find this out firsthand very soon if he doesn't drop out.

After they blew Kennedy away, the American people lost the right to vote for any candidate who was concerned with their best interests.


GanjaButter said...

Kennedy? Try Harrison. This has been in the works for a long, long, long time. Long time.

Anonymous said...


Are you serious about not knowing the term? Yes, it exists. I was coined to refer to the fake-grassroots pro-Micro$oft campaign orchestrated to fabricate support for M$ when M$ was put to the trial for pirac... I mean, predatory anti-competitive monopolistic business practices. Astroturf is a brand of plastic fake grass.

As for the soon-to-be deceased Mr. Paul, well, he stands the chances of a moth flying into a fusion fireball, if he tries to enter Capitol Hill. I pay my respects in advance.

It is too late, far too late to do anything for The Zone*, I mean, the USA.
If you are not brainless, and are still there, flee, NOW.

*The Zone: short for Abomination Zone, Uninhabitable Zone, Alienation Zone, Danger Zone, Horror Zone, Zone of Anomalies, Death Zone (take you pick);
the no-man's land between Iberoamérica to the south and Canada to the north.

Texas Arcane said...

Why do you hate people making money fair and square so badly? The only people I know who react that way are inevitably yooish, "Anonymous."

"Predatory anti-competitive monopolistic business practices." What a load of Talmudic rubbish. What is all that verbiage supposed to mean? Microsoft is one of the greatest American companies of all time. If you don't think so, let's see you write something better and market it to people who will want to use it. Better yet, do it from Israel and make us all jealous. I'm betting that you can't, couldn't and never will.

Bill Gates has more money that you do because he is smarter and works harder. Deal with it, yahood.

Nuclear Powered Games said...

Micro$oft's underhanded, and sometimes monopolistic business practices don't sit with my concept of free market capitalism in the slightest. We use M$ because nobody wants to reduce their market share by being the first to switch to developing software for a rival, superior operating system. The other factor is that M$ dumbs down its OS with each release, to further penetrate the sub-IQ90 market segment. Nevermind that they give the rest of us the shits in so doing.

Vista even comes with a free value-added kick in the nuts for Indy game developers - LUA's, ESRB requirement, parental controls, Game Explorer with obtrusive warning dialogues, etc etc etc. Thanks for "adding some value", assholes.

Take a look at BeOS - it was many times faster, sleeker and more powerful than Microsoft's bloatware crap but they didn't have anything like the same marketing budget so it never got off the ground.

And what do you reckon about Buffet's $32bn "donation" to Gates? Nothing to see here...

I'm going to run your car over with a Monster Truck with flame decals over the wheel arches while you're parked at the lights tomorrow. Picture that.

Texas Arcane said...

>I'm going to run your car over >with a Monster Truck with flame >decals over the wheel arches >while you're parked at the lights >tomorrow. Picture that.


He means it! :)