Friday, October 19, 2007

Russia and China Prepare For Ultimate Smackdown

J.R. Nyquist nails it in only three paragraphs.

Defector says Russia's plan to fake it's collapse worked like a charm.

They've got'em right where they want'em now. Russia is charged up back to the Cold War level or better and America is a broken, bankrupted empty shell. Time to push the button.

America is cadging quarters from strangers for food money, Russia is building a new generation of supertech nuclear weapons that will beat any missile shield like a redheaded stepchild. America plans to compete with their '50 nuke tech. I don't think so.

This is why Vault-Co has always predicted real nuclear war. Not "14 days in a cellar then come up the stairs and sweep" fantasies.

Doomsday weapons. The cobalt death shroud. Widespread use of mindbogglingly complex weapons like nuclear cluster bombs and red mercury air incinerators. Stuff that the majority of the public cannot even imagine. Forget about two weeks stay under some suitcases - that's part of the insanity of the age we live in. Think 2+ years in bedrock minimum is more like it. The better part of the West still thinks this is the year 1965. It's the year 2007 and WW3 will be biblical. It will be a war of annihilation, a war of all against all.

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