Friday, October 19, 2007

Red China Pumps Money Into Clintonista Campaign (* AGAIN *)

I would, too. It's brilliant strategy.

They know that if Hillary is in there she will just further erode the entire system by the hour while she's in office. That's the worlds biggest "superpower" tied up in endless debates over whether or not men and women should use the same toilets and other such blathering, idiotic, vapor-head sophistry. Hillary will also squeeze every last dime and resource out of the military to give to Israel, including committing troops to wherever Tel Aviv throws their next sporting dart on the map of the Middle East. Imagine being able to elect a halfwit dithering female to be your enemy's next supreme leader for the coming thermonuclear war.

This is effectively taking America out of the picture during a period when China has pledged itself to recover Taiwan and consolidate it's control of the entire world. You couldn't pay for a worse (better for China) leader than Hillary. She's really the perfect braying jackass to serenade the wrecked nation out of existence and into World War III. Let's be Presidents and stuff! It's cool! Cuz' I'm so popular and stuff! Let's talk about "controversies!" Oooh, looky whattar those missile thingamajiggys zooming towards us in the clouds?


CadorBolin said...

This seems so oddly familiar. Back in the day, when I actually cared about the US, I was screaming bloody murder at the high treason of the Clinton administration.

I don't care anymore, I simply shrug my shoulders and focus on my own matters and my kin.

I hate Amerikwa so much now that I might just vote for her out of contempt (provided that Ron Paul isn't the Republican nominee, of course).

Patrick said...

Damned fool. It won't matter who you vote for or whether you vote or not. One of two things is an iron clad guarantee; 1) Bush will declare martial law for another 9/11 type inside job and suspend all elections (thus staying in power) 2) Hillary will be elected President because she is already chosen.
Ron Paul is not a contender.
If he is for real (and I am not sure he is) he will never get any where because if he did he would HAVE to be killed. I wrote an article about that months ago on my old blog, 'Back to the Dark Ages'. I further stated that, if he actually COULD get elected and did, then he was nothing more than one of then in excellent camouflage.
I'm not sure why you folks seem to hate America so much as Australia appears to me to be as bad or even worse!
Not all of us in America are fools any more than everyone in Australia or anywhere else is.
I'm not a Christian, I'm an Atheist, but I see the same things you do only, maybe, clearer. Not believing in your God does not make many of us bad anymore than believing in your God makes Bush and the neo-cons good.
You say that THEY are not true christians and I could say that the Illuminati thugs whom you call Atheists are Luciferians which disqualifies them from Atheism.
What the fuck is wrong with your head, cadorbolin?
Don't hate the country we should have a right to love!
Dipshit, hate the foreign filth who have brought us to the bitter point where we now exist.
Hate yourself and me and everyone else who allowed it to happen.
We should have revolted in arms long ago.

Anonymous said...

"I might just vote for her out of contempt" - ROFL. I'm thinking about doing something very similar. I have come to relise that the world is chock full of half-wits.

"I don't care anymore, I simply shrug my shoulders and focus on my own matters and my kin" - here here. I used to care. I used to believe in the community. I even dedicated many many hours as a volunteer. Then I relized that I don't live in a community. I live in an economy where I am constantly being exploited and manipulated. So like yourself I focus on ME and MINE. I stock up on food and other prep's for my family. For everyone else I stock up on 308 winchester.