Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Obama Has Mind of Adolescent

These guys are truly hilarious ass-klowns. It sounds like a teenager running for school president, not president of the United States.

Obama couldn't run a lemonade stand for ten minutes without declaring insolvency. You might think nobody could be worse than Hillary Clinton but she's starting to look nearly as good as Bill Clinton looks beside George Bush Jr. and company.

I have this uncanny feeling that John Titor was right. Hillary Clinton is going to be president. Think how unthinkable that was in 2001 when John vanished.


Anonymous said...

Babylon needs a whore for a lot of other prophesies to work aswell.
Hillary-Whore of Babylon?? Who knows,if the shoe fits......

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess you were wrong!

And so was John Titor. Hmm, maybe he meant Hilary would run in the new york marathon orsomething.