Friday, October 12, 2007

Nobel Peace Prize?!? You gotta be kidding me.

This entire planet should be sealed off from the rest of the cosmos as a mental asylum.

As far as I am concerned, one of those peace prizes is worth about what Ang Lee's Oscar for Brokejack Poundin' is worth. Nothing at all. That would have to be nothing but a political popularity contest.

Are we serious here? Al Gore claims he invented the internet, says cigarette smoke is contributing to greenhouse gases and talks like he's taken a blow to the head in some kind of industrial accident. The guy was never much shakes as a Vice President and that job is so easy even Dick Cheney can handle it. Am I dreaming or did this guy get a Nobel peace prize for a hack piece of marxist agitprop committed to celluloid which will someday get the same respect the film "REEFER MADNESS" gets today? Are you telling me out of the whole planet this is the best guy they could find to give this prize to? As the Czech President said, not quite sure what the relationship between world peace and his crappy flick would be.

This civilization has truly gone to hell in a handbasket. Honestly. Why don't we all get started on a 200 foot high statue of Al Gore's head, like Emperor Nero had built of his hideous mug in Rome?

This is why the interglacial is a huge blessing. It lasts just long enough for the human gene pool to degenerate into blathering mush, then the cold comes back and cleans house.


Anonymous said...

Yeah this pretty much destroyed any credibility the peace prize had left.



Anonymous said...

What a joke. Then again he joins a list that has Yasser Arrafat (terrorist), Henry Kissinger (war criminal who won the prize whilst ordering the bombing of Cambodia), Mandela (terrorist), Mother Theresa (Hypocrite - she denied even panadol to those in her "care" telling them to pray then when she was crook had the worlds best care), UN Peacekeeping forces (when asked what the legacy of the UN was in Cambodia the head of state said "child prostitution and Veneral diseases". The UN is an evil organisation)

its the end of the world as we know it said...

There was a time when I used to explain eternal security with Jeffrey Domer and mother teressa. Jeffrey, though a horrible human being during his time on earth for the most part was a believer before he was killed in prision. And I always said that if mother teressa, though austensibly a very good person, if she did not accept the work of Christ, did all that she did in vain = and now that she was dead would be in hell.

And then the letters came out. I sincerely hope that she believed, but only God knows our hearts.

Anonymous said...

Texas and his supporters are extremely confused. First, they argue that global warming is not a hoax and then says it's caused by the sun! Next, Texas posts an article about food shortages, and yet some of the reasons for that are global warming (which he claims is a hoax) and capitalism.

In several posts, Texas criticises capitalism through his reference to overspending in "Amerikwa" and yet thinks that those who discuss global warming maintain "marxist agitprop" or are "Bolshevists."

For all that, it turns out that it's the capitalist "denial machine" which supports global
warming skeptics.

Here, let me help you out, Tex:

cause of global warming = pollution driven by First World lifestyles

cause of food shortage = global warming and First World lifestyles

cause of deaths and destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan and increasing aggression from Russia and China = the need for oil driven by First World lifestyles, and thinking of Mandela, Arafat, and anyone else as "terrorists" compared to--what else?--Amerikwa the Great

cause of mounting U.S. debts = First World lifestyles

cause of support for global warming skeptics = maintaining First World lifestyles (hence, the "denial machine" supported by big business, which is big thanks to First World lifestyles)

cause of criticising Arafat, Mandela, Mother Teresa, and the UN compared to Amerikwa, which is great = First World lifestyles

The sooner you learn to deal the contradictions in your beliefs, the better.

Texas Arcane said...

What's causing extreme climate change on the other seven planets we know about?

PWNed. Conversation over.

(I see you Bolshevist. Did you really think using the phrase "denial machine" as in Holocaust "denial" wouldn't expose you? I guess you're not bright enough to have realized that.)

Joseph Dantes said...

"This is why the interglacial is a huge blessing. It lasts just long enough for the human gene pool to degenerate into blathering mush, then the cold comes back and cleans house."

That's a very interesting hypothesis.