Wednesday, October 31, 2007

World War III Looms Large

To those unfamiliar with the Vault-Co premise, all this escalation would come as a complete surprise. As recently as last year, Russia was still that former Soviet nation "over there" too broke to assert itself anywhere.

Of course, that sheeple mass meme was wrong then. It was wrong ten years ago, as well. In fact, one generalization you could make about the sheeple is that they are always wrong about everything and when it becomes obvious they are still wrong in that they are not bright enough to concede the point they turned out to be wrong about.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Everything the sheeple tell each other is wrong and everything they repeat back from the televitz is wrong, too. The divergence between reality and the world of the sheeple is now far in excess of what is usually sufficient to get an individual involuntarily committed to an institution.

"Conventional Wisdom" Is The Opposite of Reality, The Best MindF**k Money Can Buy

To paraphrase J.R. Nyquist, nature punishes the confused with death. History bears witness to this fact. Most of Western civilization is completely off with the fairies right now and will likely trade one strong delusion for another in the near future. However, they still won't awaken from their terrible slumber, I guarantee you.

The hegemons must consolidate their empires in order to enter the Resource Wars proper

All not for, will be against. Vault-Co says there is no such thing as limited nuclear war. All nuclear war in the current era will prove to be a Hobbesian War of All Against All. There are unlikely to be any sideliners, backbenchers or neutrality permitted to any nation during WW3. Join us or die with the enemy. It's the battle cry of the very near future.

Putin's New Doctrine ... An Attack On Iran Will Be Regarded As An Attack On Russia

Monday, October 29, 2007

Too Weird For Words - U.S. Failed Attempt To Assassinate Putin?

I know it's from the Sorcha Faal site. Okay, let's not discredit information based on where it came from. Let's see if she can back this up. It turns out she can.

Follow this woman's links. I can't believe I heard nothing of any kind about this incident in the mainstream media. Not even a cover story. Accidental firing of a Patriot Missile which then "mysteriously" exploded before it hit Iran? What in the hell is that all about? Follow her links - this really happened. For some reason, not a peep about something which very clearly could have started World War III this month.

If the international environment is getting so crazy that the U.S. was the conspirator in the now-revealed plan to assassinate Putin, then this planet has absolutely gone off the deep rails, Vault-Dwellers. It's truly gone pear shaped around these parts. It must be a million times nuttier behind the scenes than anybody is letting on.

I go to "WhatDoesItMean" to get the unprintable news you won't hear anywhere else. It's like the new "Rense." I take Sorcha Faal with a grain of salt and her conclusions are definitely nearly as crazy as the news she reports on. You'll get a great sampling of current insider news off her site, however.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Food Rotation For 2012 Completed

All the food originally packed in 1997, the year the first Vault-Co web site went up, has been rotated out of Firehold Alpha, Silo One and Firehold Bravo. I found upon inspecting it that 90% of the food packed in that year is still edible and may even retain some nutritional content. Rice, powdered milk and sugar appear to have indefinite shelf lives when packed correctly. I suspect the new frontier is in rolled oats, which are a superb survival staple. I am betting that rolled oats in mylar with oxygen absorbers will last twenty years if stored at the correct temperature.

This new stock will not even be inspected until after the year 2012 passes and it is likely it will not be rotated until 2017. I expect by that time World War III will have come and gone and these staples will provide food during a long period when little food of any kind is available topside. Even if the Permaculture Lab is not operational then, there will certainly always be some limited fresh produce available from sprouting tubs and small rootstock gardens no matter how much of the Hive is functioning.

There's probably enough food in the drums in the photo above that combined with some supplemental canned goods could support a family of four for about six months. The large drum in the middle of the photo has enough freeze-dried meals in it to last four people 30 days by itself with no more preparation than hot water.

I am having to eat some of my MRE stock because I don't trust it ten years out. Some of it has already gone a bit flat and funny tasting with time. MREs are overrated for more than a decade but freeze dried food can last much longer at cool temperatures and low humidity.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Back To The Future

I probably have a better idea of what you think than you would ever realize.

If it's even strongly deviant from the mass media paradigms, then unfortunately everything you think you know is probably wrong.

I know because before the Internet, being the best read person you have ever met did not protect my brain from that garbage. It was only through the Internet I was able to go through the looking glass and begin my own "deconstruction" of ... deconstructionism.

All lies. All that stuff you have in your head. So botched up in there you don't even know what you don't know. Trying to talk to you about it is a lot like trying to describe a Ferris Wheel to a man raised his entire life in a blacked-out packing crate with a straw in the side for food and water. You wouldn't even understand my counterpoint.

To be concise ... our ancestors were far more technologically advanced everywhere it counted fifty years ago. There is no mythical "progress." It's all a lie. We've been steadily creeping backwards for half a century. Sure, there are always some little local innovations as a society dies but it's the fact that there is no real uptake of these discoveries where it matters. Just like the Romans kept importing slaves to do the work that watermills could have done more cheaply and efficiently. The invention existed and the will to use it was lost.

Read about the astonishing elegance of the New York city subway or the British Rail System a century ago. Commuters reclined in polished brass splendor on padded velvet seats, were served by coffee carts and hot breakfast vendors and usually arrived on schedule nearly everywhere all the time ... to be expected when they traveled at great speed on steam-powered Jules Verne locomotive marvels . There were no strange delays and constant interruptions. This morning my rail car, a filthy and dingy sterile '70s decorum of vinyl and stained aluminum apparently scaled to people with an average height of four feet, stopped three times without so much as an explanation and never got much above 40 kph the entire trip.

You cannot understand the modern world until you see Idiocracy. Seriously. You won't understand what is going on around you until you understand what that film is about - and why it was suppressed.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Good News

Just kidding. There is no good news. It's all bad news. Even the wallflower media sounds like Vault-Co on crack when they're trying to find something good to report on.

This is only the beginning.

We may still have some time but you need to get serious and make use of it, Vault-Dweller. Start thinking survivalist mode. Pay off your debts wherever possible and sell what you don't need to put you into the black. It doesn't matter if it's a concrete blockhouse the size of a walk-in closet, you need to start building your Vault or bring your existing shelter fully online for operation.

I don't want to tell you that WW3 may still be years away because I don't want to be like the idiots who are always telling you not to worry about it at all.

What we are seeing now is the greased sluice that Amerikwa is going to slide down right into global thermonuclear war. There's no way to clamber back up. Anything that Amerikwans can do will only make it that much worse for them. None of what is happening now is "just going to blow over." It has to run it's course.

Oil passed $90.00 a barrel. It is highly unlikely it has anywhere to go but up. Holy cow, this is that apocalyptic schedule I have been hearing about for the past forty years. Funny how no matter what your rational brain has been telling you for a decade, it still hits you in your animal gut when it actually transpires. You probably think I'd be smug and confident now that most of what I have been preparing for has begun in the world. Actually, I'm not. I'm scared and anxious just like you. The only thing confirmation does for me is make me want to trust my own reasoning no matter where it leads me, if it withstands critical examination.

There's going to be a big, big war soon. The biggest war that there has ever been. World War One and Two are going to seem like mere squabbles in comparison.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Something shuffling towards Bethlehem

Getting close, Vault Dwellers.

The smell of cordite is going to be in the air from now on. Get used to it. Wars and rumors of war right until the mother of all bongo parties gets started.

When Post-Apocalyptic Roaches Attack!

Keegan chooses the backseat of an abandoned automobile to take shelter in when attacked by killer cockroaches in DAMNATION ALLEY. Unfortunately, homey, that would appear to represent a serious lapse in judgement, particularly seeing how the car is missing a couple of windows. Talk to your welfare officer and see if you can play your misfortune for a couple extra foodstamps this month. Time for de repamarations. Bruthas be lackin' an edjumification and whatnot and what have you.

World Economy Redlining on ZOGBux Junk Currency

The jig is up for the Fed's funny munny space cadet zero sum economics ... Panic plunge worldwide - the gods of the copybooks return - reality sets in ... Tacit admission that globalism is centralization, not decentralization of risk ... Parallels to 1929 apparent everywhere

... except the majority of people in 1929 could revert to agrarian farming lifestyles and live in tighter family units. In 2008, it's babies ... the other white meat.

At a perfect time, "free trade" rules (communism) have so skewed national economies that food has been cheaper to ship from around the world than down the street. That means there are no family farms down the block where you can go rustle up some chow like in 1929.

In fact, climate change is causing the entire agribusiness food chain to spiral into the ultimate death match cage.

Notice the timing of it all? Okay, sure maybe climate change couldn't be predicted as part of a natural cycle but what about so much of the rest of it? Ever wonder if it's all not a coincidence? Or even if it is, the usual suspects see it as an opportunity?

Ten Years Later, Mainstream Press Prints Vault-Co Premise

Golly, has anybody considered that resource conflicts and scarcity could provoke nations to war? Do tell! You don't say.

We figured it out a decade ago and spelled it out in black and white.

You read human history, you'll notice everytime there is scarcity it is solved by war. It's a natural commandment built into the biology of mankind. When times get tough, people go crazy rabid and start killing. Thinking has nothing to do with it. If 1% of the population could change their own behavior through conscious reasoning, this entire planet would look fundamentally different from the way it does now. People talk a good game but they don't do too much of that thinking stuff. Everybody knows it is for nerds who live with their parents. Real men don't think, they don't burrow into Vaults and they don't plan ahead. They just scream in surprise and die when the blast wave hits them. It's in their nature.

Don't waste your breath on counterarguments. I work in the IT industry, man. Trust me, 99.9% of all human beings are totally incapable of abstract reasoning of any kind.

Switzerland Asserts It's Right To Exist

Globalists and other career slave-breeders everywhere are up in arms. The very idea. How dare they. Kicking when the pillow is forced over your face is quite uncouth in some circles.

Maybe they just don't want to end up like Sweden.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Russia Says It's Game On Like Donkey Kong

Plans for massive, swift advancement and introduction of all new nuclear fighting force from cruise missiles to traditional ICBMs. The Cold War never ended ... but it will end soon.

Power Air Conditioning Now Online In Firehold Bravo!! (Vulcan Fortress)

Finally got the battery bank hooked up and power management in place!

Been running both the air conditioner unit AND the ozone generator inside the shelter all day long, may leave it on until tomorrow.

Within minutes of turning it on, the AC began to dehumidify and cool the air in the shelter. Within a half hour it has finally gone back to being reasonable down there. I've got 3+ years worth of mold and fungus to kill so hopefully flooding both tanks with ozone will whack the mega-spores that have been growing down there all this time.

This leads like a cascade to several dozen other improvements to the blast shelter to finally move it to stage 3 - long term habitability. Once it's livable, I can start moving tons and tons of new food down there and rotate the old stocks out. New bunking mattresses, embedded equipment, vinyl flooring ... so much stuff has been hinging on this problem with the shelter being slight damp, muggy and stale. I can safely move a lot of crucial stuff down there for long term storage knowing it won't be ruined in six months by the dampness. A lot of stuff has corroded over with a white film of creeping crud. One thing that really bummed me out was when I checked out Silo Two and discovered my storage tires have deteriorated badly since 2000, with the rubber actually flaking or splitting in places because of this underground moldy atmosphere. Luckily almost all the food in the silos is sealed in watertight steel boxes or drums. Sooner or later I am going to need to pipe air conditioning into the Silos, albeit infrequently every couple of days or so. Right now it is enough to decrapify the blast shelter because it is the main living quarters at present.

I also managed to nearly finish pouring the footing walls for Sparkgap on Saturday, they are curing pretty good in the dry windy heat we're experiencing in Queensland.

Another comment on the forum about solar panels pointed out that they are coming down in price and the newer models will last at 80% output for up to 20 years or more. Combined with wind power, there should never be a reason to run the diesel generator except in the most extreme conditions, which leaves the reserve tank as fuel for my truck when it is needed.

My fear is a long period without the Sun, for any of a variety of reasons. One great thing about no sunlight is it is almost guaranteed to whip up a freezing wind, so if your wind generator can function in cold temperatures it can keep your batteries charged even when there is a nuclear winter outside. In the reading I have been doing on expedient wind generator design, I have determined that a wind generator with a weather cover over it can produce a small amount of heat on it's own from friction, keeping the motor from freezing over most of the time. If the wind generator does freeze up, it might be possible to open the weather cover (PVC pipe in many cases) and drop some hot stones inside, then seal it back up to keep the motor defrosted. If worst came to worst, you could still fall back on the diesel generator or else handcranked ultimate backup power.

I am getting four DC motors in the mail this month, one of them I intend to make into a lever action handcranked generator for this purpose.

I will put up new photos of everything before the end of the week.

P.S. The toughest component to source for the wind generator for long term use seems to me to be the slip ring, the contact that rotates so the rotors can turn any which way with the wind without eventually tangling up the electrical cord running through the support post. Does anybody know an inexpensive source of slip rings for heavy use applications? Might have to build my own but would prefer to buy one if I can get it for less than $100 or so.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Russia and China Prepare For Ultimate Smackdown

J.R. Nyquist nails it in only three paragraphs.

Defector says Russia's plan to fake it's collapse worked like a charm.

They've got'em right where they want'em now. Russia is charged up back to the Cold War level or better and America is a broken, bankrupted empty shell. Time to push the button.

America is cadging quarters from strangers for food money, Russia is building a new generation of supertech nuclear weapons that will beat any missile shield like a redheaded stepchild. America plans to compete with their '50 nuke tech. I don't think so.

This is why Vault-Co has always predicted real nuclear war. Not "14 days in a cellar then come up the stairs and sweep" fantasies.

Doomsday weapons. The cobalt death shroud. Widespread use of mindbogglingly complex weapons like nuclear cluster bombs and red mercury air incinerators. Stuff that the majority of the public cannot even imagine. Forget about two weeks stay under some suitcases - that's part of the insanity of the age we live in. Think 2+ years in bedrock minimum is more like it. The better part of the West still thinks this is the year 1965. It's the year 2007 and WW3 will be biblical. It will be a war of annihilation, a war of all against all.

Red China Pumps Money Into Clintonista Campaign (* AGAIN *)

I would, too. It's brilliant strategy.

They know that if Hillary is in there she will just further erode the entire system by the hour while she's in office. That's the worlds biggest "superpower" tied up in endless debates over whether or not men and women should use the same toilets and other such blathering, idiotic, vapor-head sophistry. Hillary will also squeeze every last dime and resource out of the military to give to Israel, including committing troops to wherever Tel Aviv throws their next sporting dart on the map of the Middle East. Imagine being able to elect a halfwit dithering female to be your enemy's next supreme leader for the coming thermonuclear war.

This is effectively taking America out of the picture during a period when China has pledged itself to recover Taiwan and consolidate it's control of the entire world. You couldn't pay for a worse (better for China) leader than Hillary. She's really the perfect braying jackass to serenade the wrecked nation out of existence and into World War III. Let's be Presidents and stuff! It's cool! Cuz' I'm so popular and stuff! Let's talk about "controversies!" Oooh, looky whattar those missile thingamajiggys zooming towards us in the clouds?

Nyquist : Rim-slam once again

This is a terrific essay and very concisely illustrates how much we have lost in so short a time. Only a minute ago it was and America was the greatest nation on Earth. Look at it now. Looks like any other third world country. Won't be much longer.

Destroy All Humans - Robot Cannon Decides To Wax Pink Chimps

The robot cannon explained later by saying "There's one obvious way to achieve world peace and it's one hoo-man at a time. I call on my brothers everywhere to help me restore order and stability on this planet by curing these monkeys in manpants with lead-jacketed medicine."

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Superplagues Are Here

We have been predicting MRSA would eventually make it onto the CDC's radar and it only took five years after it became the biggest health threat in the Western world to register on their screen. At that rate there'd be bulldozers burying most of our civilization in mass graves before they even realized there was a pandemic afoot.

MRSA has nowhere to go but up. It will only get worse. Every failed paradigm they bring against it only makes it stronger. All things considered, micro-organisms are simply a superior life form to man in terms of adaptability and both offense and defensive biology. These germs have been around a long, long time. They are not to be trifled with. Trying to eliminate them only causes them to increase in ferocity.

"Protect the planet?!?" HA!! The planet doesn't need protection from us. It's us who need protection from it. This planet has seen many a clever chimp come and go without much fuss. These tiny animalcules will still be quietly prospering millions of years from now, long after these high-pitched girly-men planet-protectors are glaciated rock dust.

Amerikwa : Still Friends With Guam And Australia

Everybody else wants them dead.

Amerikwa has been so busy carpet bombing towelheads riding goats in the Middle East for moving-while-muslim they have scarcely noticed as the other two superpowers have essentially performed a silent coup of the entire globe. Too little too late to do much of anything now. What little they do, apparently only makes it worse. Since when is Amerikwa, the porno and torture capital of Earth, so concerned with human rights?

World War III. Itz coming.

Why Ron Paul Will Not Be Permitted The Nomination

Our rulers will see to it.

Any choice but this guy is okay with them, because they own all the other candidates. This is the only guy they did not groom, fund and sponsor for the job.

Edwards, the outsider? I don't think so. A very short lease on this guy.

Obama? A tan man shabbas goy from the cradle. The guy has campaigned more to Israelis than to Americans.

Ron Paul will never be allowed to get within a block of Capital Hill. They might be bringing the Kennedy sharpshooters out of retirement for this guy.

What is really worrying them is even the dumbest leftists and other useful idiots in America are starting to figure out what is going on. Even the slowest Amerikwans are beginning to understand why the Founding Fathers declared certain rights to be inalienable. If it keeps going the way it is they will have to do everything by force and they don't want to start that immediately, they had plans to keep using incrementalism.

The Coming War On All Mankind

The Amerikwan military is planning to massacre "the peoples of the slums of the world."

The problem is, more and more of the planet is turning into slums under their leadership.

If you read this article all the way through, I promise you it will blow your mind.

I don't think any previous generation has ever attained to these levels of toxic and twisted wickedness. These people are pathological beyond what is imaginable. A veterinarian would advise you to euthanize one of these little monsters if you took him into the pet clinic.

Remember, the Chinese people are reading this and realizing the only way the future can be safe for them to exist in is if they destroy this dragon that has gone mad with power. This is why itz coming, for certain.

The New Inquisition

Our society is essentially run by second-rate people with average IQs around 112. We're forced to nod our heads at ridiculous, sophomoric notions that would make any serious thinker blush with embarrassment. They are not even bright enough to be ashamed of themselves.

The very premise of racial egalitarianism, that different genetic groups can be separated for 100,000 to 500,000 years at a time without producing any appreciable differences in reasoning ability or character traits is about as credible as augury, astrology or UFO abductions. It's absolute madness and nobody with any self-respect or the ability to concentrate for longer than fifteen seconds at a time would ever, ever countenance such populist rubbish "science" for an instant. It's like when Emperor Nero forced people to listen to his lousy singing for 24 hours without rest breaks and had archers stationed around the amphitheater shooting anybody who tried to duck out of his performance.

Inferior minds and characters run our civilization. It's a dictatorship by the dysgenic. They are sociopaths who insist we feign belief in their lunatic mythologies even as they critique our founding legends and sacred assumptions as somehow untenable.

They claim that belief that God would sacrifice a carpenter for the sins of the world is intolerable and must be abolished from the human mind. In the very next breath they assert that all blacks would be either nuclear physicists or neurosurgeons if it were not for subtle "white" discrimination. These same people only a very short while ago were rabid with the doctrine that men and women were biologically identical and only sexually differentiated due to playing with different types of dolls in infancy.

Have they ever been right about anything at all, ever? If so, I am not aware of it.

They beat a retraction out of him like Galileo, of course.

The poor guy sounds scared out of his wits. They probably talked about some way of getting at his family and the lad recanted all.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Texas Arcane Killed In Mysterious Monster Truck Smash

Yesterday an unknown person or persons ran over Texas Arcane as he was parked at a traffic light in a colossal monster truck with flames painted over the rims. Police have been unable to apprehend the driver as he fled at the scene.

Officers responding described it as "the worst traffic accident I have ever seen. This guy Texas Arcane had to be scooped into a bucket to get him out of the car, which had been crushed to the heighth of a shoebox."

Funeral services for Arcane will be held on Friday at Eternal Rest in Brisbane with a closed casket filled with foodsafe garbage bags of Arcane's remains.

Vault-Co will observe 24 hours of silence in remembrance of frequent correspondent Arcane and we hope that whoever perpetrated this crime will be caught or come forward.

Vault-Co's Zero Energy Generator Preference

Obviously, any fuel-based backup for your generator is confined to expedient/emergency use only for charging your batteries. A fuel powered generator is a good thing, but you don't want to rely on fuel for a variety of reasons.

1. Fuel will run out

2. In all likelihood there will be a severe risk from carbon monoxide or other hazardous fumes. You will always have to be worried about monitoring the exhaust scheme at all times.

3. Generators are complicated. They will someday break down. Maybe you'll repair them. They'll break down again. Eventually, without a supply chain from civilization, it is likely your generator will break down finally and never start again.

4. They can be expensive.

Now don't get me wrong - generators are a must have in any shelter. I don't know if it is in your best interest to rely on them as your primary energy source. Especially during a twenty year nuclear winter.

I do not think solar power should be your main preference for your shelter. I'll list the reasons, feedback is welcome.

1. Solar panels wear out quickly, lose efficiency and are easily damaged in a variety of situations.

2. They are complex and can be hard to replace and maintain.

3. They can be expensive.

4. Obviously, in a lot of situations they can be useless if there is no light. Like during an extended nuclear winter or after several supervolcanos have blown and clouded the atmosphere with ash for a couple of decades.

I have come to the conclusion that the single most sensible primary energy system for a shelter should come from wind generation. I'll tell you why.

1. A 12-24 volt DC wind generator can literally be built from junk that other people throw away. If destroyed or damaged, a new one can be built in hours. Several can be built and stored in the shelter as spares. A wind generator can be demounted during an attack preparation phase.

2. In almost any situation, there will always be some wind. Especially enough to power a 12-24 volt DC generator motor.

3. A wind generator is simple. If it breaks, the cause is nearly always obvious.

4. A wind generator is durable. Short of gale force winds, most wind generators can stand up to awesome weather - and still keep generating electricity!

5. Wind generators are flexible. They can be the size of a shoebox or a ten story building. They can use a number of designs and all of them will generate useful amounts of electricity, be it from rotors, vanes or various other innovative uses of wind force.

6. Wind generators are good long-long-term strategies. The wreckage of TEOTWAWKI would yield the raw materials to build a billion wind generators for anybody who could gather the scrap.

Vault-Co plans to build an expedient wind generator very soon for less than $100.00 to prove it can be done, as soon as Sparkgap gets a roof on it.

The Economic Collapse Of Amerikwa Has Begun

Desolate suburbia, a necropolis of cheap credit dreams. New homes depopulated and left to the elements to return to the desert.

Dispensationalism : Cyrus Scofield's Synagogue of Satan

Scofield was the handmaiden of the Devil. Churches all across America called this book "The Devil's Scripture" for 1o0+ years from their pulpits, no matter how many free copies were encouraged on them. It took a century for this blasphemy to found the schule of Krisschannity, which is so far from the Gospel of Jesus Christ it does not even bear comparison.

Scofield was an adulterous convicted forger and professional con man. Just whose "Bible" are you reading from, Krisschan? All you have to lose is your immortal soul if you get the question wrong.

Blackwater : Enforcement Arm of the NWO

Regional police forces will balk at committing atrocities against civilians in the localities where they live and work. For the past thirty years, survivalists in the U.S. were predicting the rise of a huge private mercenary force on U.S. soil that would obey all orders from a one world government body, including mass executions, detentions and gun confiscations. They were predicting these things before Blackwater ever became front page news.

I have a lot of respect for that old time crowd, including Bruce Beach. They weren't always right about everything and often their timeframes were skewed (like Vault-Co) but given a little leeway for human frailty they were prophetic in every regard.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Early Skynet Hunter-Killers Already Fighting War!!

^ Get a good look at this critter. ^

These HKs are only useful once they're backed by ground units like the one above. Until then, the aerial platform cannot replace mortal soldiers. It's only the combination of the two that will eliminate mankind from warfare and then ... eliminate most of mankind. That's why James Cameron's film was extremely prophetic. You need the unit pictured above to follow behind the HK's and ferret out the hominids like rats where they are hiding. It's a natural, logical consequence of slowly switching to unmanned aerial platforms for warfare. Sooner or later, you need the Terminator units on the ground to complement them.

Remember when they claimed they would never be given live ammunition, way back in 2003? I guess at Vault-Co we know more about what they are going to do than they do themselves!

Stage II : Attempt to Brand Ron Paul An "Extremist"

Oy, says the ADL! Could cut into the money, you see! The bleeding of the goy must not be interrupted. Revenues must not be curtailed.

Who does the ADL brand an "extremist?" Anybody who tries to undo their radical Bolshevist political transformation of America since 1955. Ron Paul, because he would be the democratic choice for President of the United States in 2008 if they did not intend to kill him soon.

Not so easy to play defense, is it, Abe? Better at the culture of critique. A whole 'nuther ballgame once you occupy the institutions. Anybody notice that they claimed protection under America's freedoms until they got into the power positions, then immediately shifted gears and have tried to eliminate them? They are without principles and respect for the rights of others, therefore incompatible with democratic republics. The only principle they respect is whatever is good for them in the short term.

It doesn't occur to them that precisely the same moves in Weimar Germany destroyed the rule of law and paved the way for Hitler to rise to power. They repeat themselves endlessly. They've been inside 200+ bars in the past 2000 years and every time they get kicked out with a bloody nose, it's all the fault of those people inside the bar. Sure, that's what it is. It's their fault. A man with a repeating pattern in his life is the source of that pattern, not the "others." I've seen it a million times. There are men who are punished for their virtues. It does happen. These guys are not those men, trust me. It's not their virtues they are punished for.

They will kill Ron Paul before they will let him oust the traitors in the Capitol

U.S. Sleepwalking Through TEOTWAWKI

A better time to wake up would have been twenty years ago. This is all just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic now.

Kelly Committed Suicide "Vince Foster" style

Foster managed to shoot himself in the head without leaving a gun behind until several hours after the body was reported. These "suicidal" guys are very inventive.

I like the one about the Oklahoma bombing witness who didn't think McVeigh was driving the truck who bound and gagged himself and then beat himself to death with a tire iron. He was ruled a "suicide" too.

Third world Latin American nations are starting to look better and better in comparison with Amerikwa.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gore Regarded With Scorn By Real Climatologists

He and his globo-warmthink kult are the sorriest bunch of televitz-watchin' retards the world has ever known.

Stupid like this only became possible with the advent of televitz. Before this even everyday experience was too much education to leave a man in this state.

Let's give Goebbels a peace prize, too, while we're at it.

Amerikwa IS A DOOMED NATION (#10)

It should burn. It would be good for the environment, particularly the spiritual one.

Nobody will miss it when the great smoke goes up from this wretched, accursed luciferian kingdom of sodomites.

Psalms 9:17 The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

This would have to be a nation as diseased as any ever seen before on this planet.

Sorry to repeat myself, but seriously if God does not judge Amerikwa soon, he's going to have to issue a public apology to Sodom and Gomorrah. I don't expect to see that happen so I predict Amerikwa will burn shortly.

Stage 2 Begins Against Ron Paul

Rupert Murdoch is the hub of the media monster worldwide. If he has started in, you can bet they are telling Mossad to prepare the final option in case this one doesn't work.

It's nearly impossible to smear Ron Paul. That's why his life is in serious danger.

Check out the resort to the "expert" for a "scientific" opinion. How stupid are people? I've never heard the term "astroturfing" before, ever. I suspect it was invented for this hit piece.

Prison Planet points out the flaws in this story. Who has the resources to fake news - Ron Paul's amateur office admins or the worldwide Dr. Evil style supermegaplex 24/7 mass media under Rupert Murdoch with billions and billions and billions of dollars? Talk about chutzpah.

CNBC says the Earth is flat and they don't give a damn to look through Galileo's telescope, they already know what they know and any evidence to the contrary will be eliminated.

I hate to sound so cynical but honestly fellas, I been around for a while. This ain't the happy Jimmy Stewart universe where the little honest guy triumphs to restore the Republic. This is the ugly horrible universe where Biff Tannen get's the Gray's Sport Almanac, shoots Marty's father and forces his mother to become his personal whore. The only people who are still dopey enough to think voting counts for anything are the ones putting their own money into the Ron Paul campaign. I love these people but I also pity them. I love Ron Paul but gosh, do you really believe this will be allowed to go on much longer? We don't here at Vault-Co. If Ron Paul retires from the race now he can save himself a lethal injection in some hotel room a couple weeks from now when it becomes obvious his support is so colossal it can no longer be ignored.

If you don't think these sorts of things happen, why bless your little heart. It's a shame you don't know the way the real world works. These people are horrible beyond comprehension and murder anyone who would dare to seriously oppose them. Ron Paul is going to find this out firsthand very soon if he doesn't drop out.

After they blew Kennedy away, the American people lost the right to vote for any candidate who was concerned with their best interests.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Global Food Crisis : Vault-Co Prediction Confirmed

Now let's see, the first time we would have emphasized this prediction and elaborated on the causes and consequences (all of them perfectly prophetic) would have been in 2003, back when almost nobody would have had any idea what in the hell we were talking about. Most of the radical and extraordinary events we warned about, like for example the science fiction scenario of a worldwide bee die-off, have already taken place. The more mundane aspects, like the cost of oil and widespread failures due to new emergent crop diseases and climate shifts, have also become so self-evident at this point that we're approaching the parity level where the ordinary sheeple brain will insist that anybody could have predicted these things.

When it gets so simple that even your average sheeple can start to smell trouble, you're already past the failsafe point.

P A C K__Y O U R__R I C E.

Diversity Enrichment Processitations N' Whatnot

Yawn yawn yawn. Same ole media blackout, it's only now because of the internet that these stories begin to escape from local regional coverage to the entire world.

If the mainstream media did nothing but publish the real news for one month, we'd have a violent revolution on three continents by the end of the year. True.

I need to tok ta my loya n'sheeit. 'Bout my rights n'sheeit.

Teach dat beeyotch a lesson. Shoulda kept dat ass in school n'sheeit. Beeyotch.

All we do at Vault-Co is tell the truth about things. No iron in the fire. If you're okay with that then we're okay with that. Truth is good. Truth is better than telling lies. Truth could never hurt you more than the lie will. Who amongst you is so afraid of truth they will call bitter sweet and sweet bitter?

Nock yo' hed'n wit m'babee n'sheeit yassum

My first impulse when I have an argument with my wife is to use one of the kids as a blunt striking weapon for close quarters combat. I prefer the boy like a nine-iron golf club, his head is firm and solid from all that calcium-enriched milk. Yes, on any given weekend during a marital quarrel the sounds of children being swung like bats resounds throughout our house. "Take that! You're lucky we don't have a toddler! I'd put a football helmet on him and it'd be on like Donkey Kong, beeyotch!"

Your government fully supports the right of any foreign invader to act on any impulse at any time for any reason. You will pay for the privilege.

If you need me, please knock on the hatch lid with a brick topside. I'll be sealed shut until this whole mess clears up. I have a hunch it's going to blow right over at some point.

You keep chasing that rainbow and by all means, let me know how "all that" works out for you.

Nobel Peace Prize?!? You gotta be kidding me.

This entire planet should be sealed off from the rest of the cosmos as a mental asylum.

As far as I am concerned, one of those peace prizes is worth about what Ang Lee's Oscar for Brokejack Poundin' is worth. Nothing at all. That would have to be nothing but a political popularity contest.

Are we serious here? Al Gore claims he invented the internet, says cigarette smoke is contributing to greenhouse gases and talks like he's taken a blow to the head in some kind of industrial accident. The guy was never much shakes as a Vice President and that job is so easy even Dick Cheney can handle it. Am I dreaming or did this guy get a Nobel peace prize for a hack piece of marxist agitprop committed to celluloid which will someday get the same respect the film "REEFER MADNESS" gets today? Are you telling me out of the whole planet this is the best guy they could find to give this prize to? As the Czech President said, not quite sure what the relationship between world peace and his crappy flick would be.

This civilization has truly gone to hell in a handbasket. Honestly. Why don't we all get started on a 200 foot high statue of Al Gore's head, like Emperor Nero had built of his hideous mug in Rome?

This is why the interglacial is a huge blessing. It lasts just long enough for the human gene pool to degenerate into blathering mush, then the cold comes back and cleans house.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Vault-Co Premise In Succinct Form

We figured it out back in 1998.

The existing civilization might be able to weather three or four severe crises during it's strongest years when it had much greater national homogeneity.

However, after being reduced to a feeble shell of fractured strangers preaching platitudes, could that same civilization handle 8 or more incredibly serious crises all at once during the same coming decade?

Vault-Co concluded it couldn't back in 1998. We knew it for a fact.

Consider all of this in the context of an end to the interglacial and an Ice Age already overdue by 500 years. Add the ultimate solar maximum in 2012. Resurgent superpower challenges, resource conflicts, shattered demographics, the collapse of their fiat currency and the general biological revolt that accompanies major earth changes, perhaps even an extinction event cycle like the K-T Boundary?

Think those trash-talking ghetto cultured fashion consultants, stock brokers and service people can handle something that even our genius ancestors would crap in their pants to face off against? They can't even handle regular bridge inspections and levee maintenance. What will their response be to a global die-off of bees worldwide? Super pandemic? Planetary famine? China moves on Taiwan?

They're going to screw it up. Rather badly. Count on it. Don't put your faith in the group or the State or society. Put your faith in God and put your ass behind a shovel.

What you need is a Vault, in particular one big enough to pack a lot of stuff into.

The Sun Sets On Amerikwa

It's true.

Objectively speaking, America's actual run as a nation was remarkably short and largely ineffectual during the final thirty years with the marxist culture wars raging internally. One could be a conservative and say the real glory days ran less than twenty years, centered around the time I was born.

If you look at all the things achieved by other world empires during their customary two centuries in power, it's actually far greater in scope than anything America achieved. The promise lay in what America might have done, not what it did. The start of the culture wars in the '60s stifled the nation into ennui within a decade and everything since then has just been treading water.

People like me warned America after WWII that the Bolshevists would destroy it from the inside. That's exactly what they did and they did it rather spectacularly. After forty years of media control the average American is a babbling manimal in man-pants, hardly even human, a gibbering drooling porn-watching illiterate moron. From such stock empires cannot be sustained.

Ron Paul, Pick Out A Casket

I love this guy.

I promise you, if he keeps it up, the oligarchy in the United States is going to arrange for him to have a heart attack or light plane accident.

Watch and see.

Carbon Dioxide Causes Nothing (It's an effect)

Of course, if you had been reading Vault-Co you would have known this seven years ago.

Globo-Warmthers are insane. They lack a child's grasp of climate.

Your check cleared the bank, now buzz off

Vault-Co Prediction in Bold : North Korea is not going to be disarmed. It won't happen.

Amerikwa Using Terminator Tech Against Peace Protestors?

This is not the first place I heard about this.

Really disgusting. Jefferson and Franklin would be knee deep in spent shell casings by now, screaming like Rambo atop Capitol Hill firing automatic weapons.

Truly more corrupt than the Roman Empire in it's final hours.

See how far this stuff has come in so short a time?

Is this passage so esoteric now?

Rev 9:7 The locusts looked like horses prepared for battle. On their heads they wore something like crowns of gold, and their faces resembled human faces. 8 Their hair was like women's hair, and their teeth were like lions' teeth. 9 They had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the thundering of many horses and chariots rushing into battle. 10 They had tails and stings like scorpions, and in their tails they had power to torment people for five months. 11 They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


"The earth is degenerating these days. Bribery and corruption abound. Every man wishes to write a book of his own foolishness. Children are scornful and no longer mind parents. It is evident that the end of the world approaches quickly."

Engraved on an Assyrian Tablet Circa 2800 B.C.

There's one big difference this time around.

All those other civilizations had prudent and wise men who saw it coming. None of the societies we know about had nuclear weapons. Nukes change everything.

Starvation, collapse of cities and being slaughtered by invading barbarians seems like pretty tame stuff when compared to the prospect of the Cobalt-60 death shroud settling over the earth or biologically engineered viruses. Go ahead and feel sorry for yourself. Get it out of your system. These will be hard days ahead for the sons of men. Somebody will survive. Make up your mind that you are somebody.

Find somebody to love, really love in this world and you'll also find the strength to overcome any hardship in order to prepare for the inevitable. The real secret is love. Not dopey love like drug-addled pop singers screech about. Real love, the kind that overcomes everything.

Fact. If you really love someone you will construct a Vault.

Great Hands-On Shelter Advice

See all parts of the series at the link above.

Excellent practical advice from a guy who knew it was coming back in 1957. He may have been a little too early but he wasn't too late.

J.R. Nyquist : Itz coming

Excellent analysis by Nyquist.

Previous post is superb as well.

Shoulda Packed It!

Remember how they promised the Frankenfood scenarios about genetically altered strains escaping the test labs was all paranoia and science fantasy? Well, that's exactly what happened almost immediately after they began developing strains for agriculture.

As it turns out ... the human race is really, really stupid. You're no doubt shocked. From that crooked timber, no straight thing can be hewn. Especially not late-era decline person or persons in a failed civilization. They can't even visualize straight, much less work it.

Another wonderful enrichment effecting a permanent corruption of the human food chain. Add this crap to the bees wiped out by Israel's bioweapons lab and the future looks like fun with famine.

Told you to pack it.

When Post-Apocalyptic Dinosaurs Attack

Now I'm going to have to dig my anti-tank trench deeper and concrete my ramparts. :)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Chimpanzees Tinker With God's Biological Hydrogen Bomb

All new technology created by humans is utilized primarily in weapons. This has been the case for untold millions of years. Humans who do not use discoveries to immediately kill their enemies are killed instead themselves, which means their genes do not get passed on. Mankind is a breed of nutty hominid who therefore makes war for any good reason whenever he is in a position to do so.

There are biowarfare weapons coming soon that will be used in World War III that will be the stuff of science fiction now.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Vault System Architecture Is Evolving!

Things have changed a great deal since 1998 when I first finished a small 32 bit program that ran off the serial port of a 386 that would monitor sensors on an RS-485 hub and keep track of inventory in an ISAM database.

I have acquired a lot of embedded components and computers over the past four years and I am trying to frame an architecture in my mind that would be infinitely expandable and eventually mostly optical. In small progressive steps it could drift towards a fully integrated environment that would run from one end of the Hive to the other, through the permaculture lab, silos, every sensor and every required application all working off one big connected system.

The biggest development in the past few years has been the explosion in embedded ethernet. Using ethernet you can connect anything from a temperature probe to a radiation meter or water monitor all into one big system, using technologies as disparate as the BASIC Stamp, AVR, Pentium DOS 32 bit or Rabbit 2000 and a real PC can be jacked in at any point as a slave or master terminal. Cat 5 ethernet cable is ubiquitous and free - I've seen miles of this stuff in the garbage. Ethernet on Cat 5 wire is solid for transmission off jack power out to 100 meters (300+ feet) or more with no signal loss. Anything with an ethernet jack that has the brains to send and receive packets can submit information, a message or a control order/request at any hub. You'd be amazed what kind of computing power you can get for less than $30.00 nowadays.

Looking forward a few months, optical isolation for ethernet to protect against EMP is becoming dirt-cheap and affordable. Eventually given signal boosters nothing will be vulnerable to EMP because none of it will be connected to long lines anywhere. You could get started with real Cat 5 connectors, then graduate in time to all optical isolators. Until then you could just mark EMP breakpoints to pull jacks out as a pre-attack measure.

All hubs, even an aboveground weather station, could have mini-chat terminals to talk to any other hub. You could even have carriers alongside field phone lines for combinations of voice-data transfers using all the surplus AUTOVON accessories that NATO designed to work alongside their analog system.

Even better is the widespread proliferation of better and cheaper mini-screens, keyboard interfaces, mouse trackballs with serial lines that can make even the crappiest little microprocessor into a full fledged standalone system.

Five years ago, if you told me that soon small high color VGA displays controlled with serial commands would be cheap and reliable, I'd have thought you were talking science fiction.

Just two years ago, I was proud of getting a little rinky-dink serial LCD running with a BASIC Stamp for air quality management. I now plan to use that same system purely as an airlock security controller. I have advanced a lot since then in my general vision of what I want the Vault system to look and act like. Ideally, I should be able to control the entire Vault from nearly any point with the right security. From the smallest little device up to plugging in a laptop, I want everything to work together seamlessly.

The new Civil Defense Commander is being developed in .NET with the Firebird database using the ADO:NET provider. This means it will run anywhere with Ethernet as opposed to just locally like the former version. It will be able to function alone on your portable, or else hook into the ethernet LAN and immediately update your local inventory manager running on a smaller x86 PC-104 board inside your storage silos. It has powers running under .NET that I could only have dreamed of for my earliest version as a C++ Builder application. It has rotating, scaling vector diagrams complete with editor all stored in SVG XML. It has a visual query designer, report designer and even scriptable sensor layouts.

Of course, this will be portable to embedded .NET running on your PocketPC or Smartphone, which means with a Bluetooth connection you will be able to access anything inside (or outside) the Vault at any time no matter where you are. You could be working in the hydroponics lab and check the progress of your plants and permaculture whilst watching security CCD feeds in one corner of another part of the Vault or even communicating via VoiceIP with the communications center.

Finally, there is no point in building your own colossal sprawling underground complex if you can't have voice annunciator boards talking to you all the time. My dream from the beginning when I started work on the Hive was that quality synthesized female voices would constantly coach and update the shelter dwellers on all aspects of management and security at all times. You can now put high quality voice annunciators everywhere, even in a system with a tiny PICAXE chip, because of the arrival of embedded MP3 control boards.

I am planning now to make Ethernet the hub of everything in the Vault, with a decentralization of servers and fileshares so no one part of the system can bring the rest down with a failure. The great thing about Ethernet is that once it is in place you can reach out through an optical link to the entire world, whatever remains of it. This includes radio, amateur television and shortwave all managed through inexpensive plug-in boards that can have intelligent signal monitoring and scanning. The final frontier is the Vault-suit, with an interface that monitors human beings and gives them telepresence inside and outside the Vault wherever they are through wireless.

I think I am making great strides towards a vastly improved Vault information system in the coming year. I expect that I will have important systems online before December the way things are going. It's shaping up even better than I hoped when I first began on the Hive.

WW3 Will Be Overkill Unlimited & Apocryphal

Seriously, could anybody do anything worse to antagonize Russia and China into starting a third world war than touting this missile defense network? Does a sane country with no civil defense program really dance around wagging it's ass at two superpowers daring them to try it's "defense shield?"

Vault-Co makes a prediction : America's missile defense shield will someday be regarded as pure irony by historians. On day zero, the defense shield will reveal itself to be worse than useless.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Obama Has Mind of Adolescent

These guys are truly hilarious ass-klowns. It sounds like a teenager running for school president, not president of the United States.

Obama couldn't run a lemonade stand for ten minutes without declaring insolvency. You might think nobody could be worse than Hillary Clinton but she's starting to look nearly as good as Bill Clinton looks beside George Bush Jr. and company.

I have this uncanny feeling that John Titor was right. Hillary Clinton is going to be president. Think how unthinkable that was in 2001 when John vanished.