Friday, October 12, 2007

Diversity Enrichment Processitations N' Whatnot

Yawn yawn yawn. Same ole media blackout, it's only now because of the internet that these stories begin to escape from local regional coverage to the entire world.

If the mainstream media did nothing but publish the real news for one month, we'd have a violent revolution on three continents by the end of the year. True.

I need to tok ta my loya n'sheeit. 'Bout my rights n'sheeit.

Teach dat beeyotch a lesson. Shoulda kept dat ass in school n'sheeit. Beeyotch.

All we do at Vault-Co is tell the truth about things. No iron in the fire. If you're okay with that then we're okay with that. Truth is good. Truth is better than telling lies. Truth could never hurt you more than the lie will. Who amongst you is so afraid of truth they will call bitter sweet and sweet bitter?

Nock yo' hed'n wit m'babee n'sheeit yassum

My first impulse when I have an argument with my wife is to use one of the kids as a blunt striking weapon for close quarters combat. I prefer the boy like a nine-iron golf club, his head is firm and solid from all that calcium-enriched milk. Yes, on any given weekend during a marital quarrel the sounds of children being swung like bats resounds throughout our house. "Take that! You're lucky we don't have a toddler! I'd put a football helmet on him and it'd be on like Donkey Kong, beeyotch!"

Your government fully supports the right of any foreign invader to act on any impulse at any time for any reason. You will pay for the privilege.

If you need me, please knock on the hatch lid with a brick topside. I'll be sealed shut until this whole mess clears up. I have a hunch it's going to blow right over at some point.

You keep chasing that rainbow and by all means, let me know how "all that" works out for you.

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