Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Coming War On All Mankind

The Amerikwan military is planning to massacre "the peoples of the slums of the world."

The problem is, more and more of the planet is turning into slums under their leadership.

If you read this article all the way through, I promise you it will blow your mind.

I don't think any previous generation has ever attained to these levels of toxic and twisted wickedness. These people are pathological beyond what is imaginable. A veterinarian would advise you to euthanize one of these little monsters if you took him into the pet clinic.

Remember, the Chinese people are reading this and realizing the only way the future can be safe for them to exist in is if they destroy this dragon that has gone mad with power. This is why itz coming, for certain.


Anonymous said...

Wayne Michael Hall, a retired army brigadier general and the senior intelligence advisor in Schattle's operation, has a similar assessment, "We will be fighting in urban terrain for the next hundred years."

Hmmm - for the next 100 years? Why not 97 years? or 100 years 10 days? I think this F-Wit pulled that figure from where the sun don't shine. What a toss pot.

"Everything worth fighting for is in the urban environment."

You can bloody well have it. I hate urban. I hate cities. Full of degenerates, leaches and sooks. I know 'cause I deal with them every work day. Give me country folk any day. Give me "greatest generation" "I hate to be a bother but I've amputated my leg" over "I've cut my finger HURRRRYYYYYY"

Anonymous said...

You talk about incrementalism above - this tech added to that is what the future is all about - until of course it isn't.

What I mean by that last phrase is that sometime in the next ten or so years things are going to get wildly out of control. These 'planners' are just as dumb as our 'leaders'.

Things escalate.

You use your fancy tech to keep your boot on my neck and sooner or later, I just get tired of it and kill the people running it, or making it.

Personally, I am praying to God that the oil runs out as projected. A life under the boot of these technologies is no life at all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vault - see this one ?

And the Stasi (HOmeland Security) is about to turn on it's own :