Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Carbon Dioxide Causes Nothing (It's an effect)

Of course, if you had been reading Vault-Co you would have known this seven years ago.

Globo-Warmthers are insane. They lack a child's grasp of climate.


andyboots37 said...

If global warming is truly a hoax, then why is every Canadian summer becoming hotter? Why is every Canadian winter becoming milder? It's the second week of October and it's been as humid as any summer month this year. Why are there record-breaking heat temperatures globally? Why are there resource wars starting to hatch around the north pole because of thawing ice and new travelling passages with accessable reserves? If it's all just media spin, those are some rather colossal hoaxes they're pulling off.

Texas Arcane said...

Indeed, they are colossal hoaxes. Apparently they must think very little of the average person's intelligence and that contempt would seem warranted by how many people are falling for it.

In order not to be fooled by them, you'd have to trust God more than the Prince and Power of the Air.

The truth is, most Amerikwans would rather believe God to be a liar and the media honest.

I've heard that Northern Canada has shut down four major highways permanently because of the ever-growing icepack. Snow plows can't clear them in the summer before winter comes any more.

Bad Dad said...

Time to wake up Andy...;jsessionid=XOOUR5KVPQRKJQFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/earth/2007/10/11/scigore111.xml

Anonymous said...

More on Bryson:

Anonymous said...

One more thing: claims that global warming is a hoax is part of the denial machine, which ironically goes against everything else that Texas says in his web log because it is supported by big business. That is, since global warming is a hoax, then people can waste as much money, food, petrol, and water as they want from mounting debts, pollute even more, and so on.

Global warming denial is a vital part of being an Amerikwan, for doing otherwise forces Amerikwans to change their lifestyle.

Texas Arcane said...

Global warming is a hoax.

Calling it "denial" is flakey, gay and weird. That's a very strange word to use and frankly it makes my skin crawl. "Denial."

The "denial machine" is funded by nobody anywhere. Refusing to see the Emperor's clothes is one of the easiest ways to lose tenure and get kicked off campus nowadays. There's no faster way nowadays to end your scientific career than to tell the truth - global warming is moronic and virtually proves genetic drift is real - the general population is bleeding IQ points every ten years like a leaky boat.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Texas, you are still firmly in denial on this one. A shame too, really.