Friday, October 26, 2007

Back To The Future

I probably have a better idea of what you think than you would ever realize.

If it's even strongly deviant from the mass media paradigms, then unfortunately everything you think you know is probably wrong.

I know because before the Internet, being the best read person you have ever met did not protect my brain from that garbage. It was only through the Internet I was able to go through the looking glass and begin my own "deconstruction" of ... deconstructionism.

All lies. All that stuff you have in your head. So botched up in there you don't even know what you don't know. Trying to talk to you about it is a lot like trying to describe a Ferris Wheel to a man raised his entire life in a blacked-out packing crate with a straw in the side for food and water. You wouldn't even understand my counterpoint.

To be concise ... our ancestors were far more technologically advanced everywhere it counted fifty years ago. There is no mythical "progress." It's all a lie. We've been steadily creeping backwards for half a century. Sure, there are always some little local innovations as a society dies but it's the fact that there is no real uptake of these discoveries where it matters. Just like the Romans kept importing slaves to do the work that watermills could have done more cheaply and efficiently. The invention existed and the will to use it was lost.

Read about the astonishing elegance of the New York city subway or the British Rail System a century ago. Commuters reclined in polished brass splendor on padded velvet seats, were served by coffee carts and hot breakfast vendors and usually arrived on schedule nearly everywhere all the time ... to be expected when they traveled at great speed on steam-powered Jules Verne locomotive marvels . There were no strange delays and constant interruptions. This morning my rail car, a filthy and dingy sterile '70s decorum of vinyl and stained aluminum apparently scaled to people with an average height of four feet, stopped three times without so much as an explanation and never got much above 40 kph the entire trip.

You cannot understand the modern world until you see Idiocracy. Seriously. You won't understand what is going on around you until you understand what that film is about - and why it was suppressed.


Rzero said...

What about the airship?

Now we fly in a crowded airplane, eating microwaved food. In the 1930's you had a nice cabin and haute cuisine every night in the dining hall.

Check this out:

Yes, transportation got faster. But it hasnt gotten better.


Anonymous said...

Good film. Western nations are basically breeding farms for subhumans these days. Check this out:

Imagine that! Based on everything that's happening in this world, especially the procreation rate of intelligent people of European ancestry down to something pitiful like 1.1, the human race has 10,000 years of progressive utopia to look forward to!

I remember this theory gaining some media coverage a few years ago. It was stupid then too. People who don't even see what's happening today shouldn't be making predictions thousands of years into the future; but then again, can we really expect anything different from Morlocks?

Fortunately for us humans there's a nuclear war coming and the flocks of state-subsidized moron children won't be surviving it. I'd love to see what the world will be like a few generations from now.

Anonymous said...

I am the one who told you the truth about solar panels. Try living on a sailboat a few hundred miles offshore for a nice long trip. Then tell me about self-sufficiency.
I read your site for humor. It is indeed funny! What a stupendous ego!
Lived in Haiti, lived in West Africa, and seen how it works up close. My conclusion is that you need to get out of your cave a little more, and see that there are really quite a few people around that know more than you think---or know. It is true they ain't talkin' much....
but in these times, do you actually believe that caution is foolish, or even cowardly?

Hope you have a nice air filter way beyond activated carbon.

Texas Arcane said...

You were unable to clearly articulate your point ... whatever it was. You made a couple of ambiguous passes at a conclusion but the paragraph was strictly a public school education "outcome."

That's good to know those mythical "smart" people are out there, somewhere. Maybe someday I'll get to meet them instead of just hearing about them third person. At present I have no more evidence for their existence than UFOs, Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

If you bump into any bright people, they'll probably be on here, because all the bright people I have met tend to come to pretty similar conclusions I do nowadays. They can also express that idea in a sentence as well.

Incidentally, do you believe any human being can ever truly speak clearly or sincerely describe what they think without at least a mild case of Aspergers Syndrome or Aspergers like symptoms? In my experience, it doesn't happen. People are normally of many minds and their brains do not seem to function cleanly enough to reach decisions that modify their former assumptions and enable them to strike out in new directions. That's just not the way the "normal" human brain functions. Pretending otherwise is part of the deceptive quality of the "ordinary" human brain itself. It's designed to just make up a bewildering web of lies with no apparent consistency over and over again during waking hours. It would appear that "obfuscation" is part of the functionality of the "normal" human brain.

So I don't blame you for what is likely natural to you.

Anonymous said...

No wonders you were run out of Texas on a rail.....

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