Friday, September 28, 2007

ZOGBux = Weimar Republic Parity

... but this will give you a really good laugh. It's the kind of comic relief you've come to expect from the Amerikwan mind.

With so many warnings signs of a weakening economy, the dollar will be hard-pressed to eke out a rebound, said Michael Woolfolk, senior currency strategist at the Bank of New York.

"We're going to have to live with a sagging dollar in the foreseeable future, until the U.S. economy gets back on its feet," he said.

Yeah. That's going to happen. Or not.

Unless there is a massive wave of innovation in the porno industry where everybody's wife is going to star in her own diversity gangbang, I just don't see what sort of economy that the United States has left. They have no industries remaining to speak of, unless Al Gore is able to get his carbon credit sales operation going. Or some other primary product that doesn't actually exist that you can pretend does and get paid for it.

2008 Amerikwa : Babies, The Other White Meat.


Anonymous said...

They make nice rifles. If Johnny allows us to play with semi-auto's again i've got a Garand on my wish list.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what kind of schemes our ever-so-oppressed minorities come up with to exploit this.

At least there won't be a toilet paper or white meat shortage in the near future.